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Exploring The Construction Of The Communist Youth League Of Towns In Guangdong

Posted on:2011-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous advance of the rural reform, the work of the Communist Youth League in rural areas is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. The building of the CYL, which is the vitality project of the CYL's work, concerns whether the CYL can pool guide the rural youth and whether it can effectively fulfill the duties of consolidating the ruling party's base in rural youth. And it affects the survival and development of the CYL directly. Based on the perspective of sociology, political science and economics, the paper focus on studying the path problem of the CYL's building in the rural areas from the grassroots areas of public governance. The content of each chapter is as follow,Chapter One describes the background and significance of the article and the literature review. It elaborates the growth origin of the CLY from the angle of the political, economic, and self-development growth, and describes the construction of mission areas of the Organization from the angle of the function location, the cause of work, the work content, the path building.Chapter Two introduces the political functions and service functions of the CYL as "community organizations with Chinese characteristics". It explores the reform history of the CYL from the process of the economic reform in rural areas, and then analyzes the function localization of the organization.Chapter Three indicates that the existence of the CYL reflects the values of democratic self-government and expresses the aspirations of diverse interests. It not only provides a link between the youth and promotes a more extensive benign behavior, but also provides places for the social self-governance capabilities. This chapter clarifies the category of the League organizations working for the rural youth, which provides the directional guidance for the exploring of the League building in rural areas in the next chapter.Chapter Four describes the existence of the CYL in rural areas is the party's united front theory, which is not only the demands of the civil society but also an important force of participating in the new rural construction. The development of the rural group has a strong administrative feature. According to its own shortcomings, it needs to follow the local condition, capitalize on the trend and guide the youth playing the role.Faced the reality effect of the "four diverse," Chapter Five gradually explores the construction of the Guangdong countryside path League with the guide of good governance theory and based on the actual Guangdong. That is remodeling work ideas, broadening work area, enriching work carrier, shifting work pattern and innovating work model.As "the community organizations with Chinese characteristics", the CYL in rural areas strengthens its capacity building through filling the job content and exploring an only working way, actively seeks and strives for the work content which is the rural youth needed and the CYL can do, and nurturing project brand. Eventually, it forms a specific function or project. It has great theoretical and practical significance.
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