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Analysis On The Roles Of Local Government In Popular Resistance

Posted on:2011-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360308953171Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the reform and opening up, there is no doubt that the whole society is in profound changes and receives the great achievement. But in the period of traditional society up shift transiting to modem society, many popular resistances have happened. Regarding popular resistance, previous studies tend to ignore one of the important subjects of popular resistance, which is local government. The object this paper researches is the location of local government's role in popular resistance. Therefore, the location of local government's role in popular resistance is put in a specific field (popular resistance) to study. The basic research scope of local government strong correlation with the popular resistance is revealed through the analysis of the role of government. The core content of the location of local government's role in popular resistance is to maintain social stability and social order, in any kinds of popular resistance and any stages of the evolution of event, the government, as the core of the social order, must intervene and maintain social order timely and effectively and comprehensively. In the group event, different functions of local government in the process of development of group events should be took in consideration in the location of local government's role, specifically, including channel of interest express, face-to-face discussion and third-party mediation, careful use of"violence", etc.But through investigation of reality the role local government plays in popular resistance, out-of-standard of location of local government's role appeared, the lack of Interests appeal mechanism, government officials infringing citizens'interests, the lack of government and citizens'communication mechanism, and government sharpened conflicts, etc. The main reason is the government's misrecognition to popular resistance or government misconducts. The deviation of Local government's role in the group incidents relates to the group event developing situation and influence the overall social harmony. The ideal of maintaining social stability should be insisted to solve this problem. It is the inevitable demand and premise of constructing socialist harmonious society. Therefore, the paper finally discussed the thought of role the local government in popular resistance under the perspective of the socialism harmonious society.
Keywords/Search Tags:popular resistance, local government's roles, interest expression, face-to-face discussion, third-party intervention, careful use of"violence"
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