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The Study Of The Sex-role Traits And Its Related Aspects Among High School Students

Posted on:2002-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360032450394Subject:Basic Psychology
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Sex-role traits refer to those personal attributes that can really distinguish between man and woman, which is formed in the course of individual socialization The senior middle school phase is an unneghable period of the course of individual socialization The study of the sex-role trait of the high school students not only can enrich the achievements in the study of sex-difference psychology and developmental psychology, but also offers a more suitable sex-role model for the high school students to grow healthily Therefore, this study is significant both in theory and in realityThis paper puts forward three questions on the basis of detailed commentary on the course of study the relative scales, the theoretical structure of foreign countries as well as on the present study of our country, that is 1. On the basis of social desirability to draw up the HSRI containing the positive and negative item with the combination of Bern抯 and Spence抯 method and of study, 2. To investigate the relationship between the negative sex-role traits of high school students and the health index of various negative psychologies with the use of the SCL-90 that contains 10 factors and the self-made HSRI negative scale. 3 Using the self-made HSRI and 16PF scales to investigate the high school students?creative levels with different sex roles from the aspect of personalityThe results of those study manifest 1 The sex-role scale of the high school student possesses better split-half and homogeneity reliability as well as construct validity According to the formal results of this investigation and using the figure classification of Spence, the scale is intended to be divided into the following four types androgynous, masculine, Feminine and undifferentiated The distributing proportion of the number being investigated is 25 4%, 24%, 24 6%, and 25 9% respectively 2 The conclusion on the study of negative sex-role traits and problems of psychological health can be drawn (1) the relative contribution of M and F varied substantially according to the specific area of psychological problems, (2) thecontribution of M was relatively larger for those facets for which men had higher psychological problems, such as obsessive-compulsive and hostility, (3) the contribution of F was relatively larger for those facets for which woman had higher psychological problems, such as depression and phonic anxiety 3 The androgynous possesses the highest creativity and the undifferentiated possesses the lowest creativity among the whole high school students In addition, among the female students being investigated, the Masculine possesses the highest creativity.At last, according to the results of this study, this paper gives the following suggestions to the healthy development of the high school student I To cultivate the personality attributes with androgyny so as to promote the development of the creative potentialities. 2. To diminish the unhealthy personality trait and to reduce and prevent the appearance of psychological problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sex role, Personal attributes, Masculinity, Feminirnty, Androgyny
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