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The Function Of Creative Thinking In Mathematical Problem Solving

Posted on:2002-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360032956921Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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In this paper the core problem to solve is that how creative thinking wutks in Mathematical Problem Solving (NIPS). At first, make a general statement on the theory of creative thinking arM] MPS and put forward theoretical framework of creative thinking action in MPS. It is regarded that creative thinking is self-organized procecku in which the open thinking system is established through the interaction between cognitive structure of the information object and the information subject and finishes information processing. MPS is mathematical recognizing action to solve creatively mathematical problem. In the mentioned above framework, analyze the function of creative thinking in MPS from the perspective of three types of NIPS, and get to the follow conclusion: In the NIPS of mathematical exercise, in the sttxlents?problem space there are more mathematical knowledge and acquired experience in solving mathematical exercise, and complicated problem scheta is formed. These scheta are the factors of self-organized action, and it's interchange of scheta enables problem to solve. The function of creative thinking is to promote the finish of interchange of scheta in a more brief, generalized and quick manner. The problem scene of mathematical open problem results in the open thinking system, and forms the mechanism of positive action of creative thinking. The function of creative thinking is to lead the ways of thinking to problem scene, also to generalize problem structure on higher leveL In the problem solving of mathematical modeling, function of creative thinking is to promote the object getting a more brief and comprehensive understanding of problem structure and the interchange from problem object to mathematical object, so it leads the positive development of mathematical thinking such as abstracting and simplifying and generalizing. At last, we provide some ad ices for teaching: (1) construct the scene of"problern solving"and bring out the need of creation; (2) construct good cognition structure and build the base of creation, (3) optimize mathematical thinking structure and engine the internal cause of creation; (4)strengthen the spirit of cooperation and tap the creative potentials.
Keywords/Search Tags:cognition, schema, procession, action, problem space, open problem, mathematical modeling, creative thinking, mathematical problem solving
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