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An Experimental Research On Training Senior Physics Competition Students' Ability Of Solving Problems

Posted on:2004-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Senior physics competition is an important way of cultivating top students in secondary school physics teaching, embodying physics is a subject which values individual differences while facing all the students. Accordingly, it is necessary for secondary school physics teachers to make some pioneer attempts.The research is based on modern teaching methodology, aiming at training senior physics competition students' ability of solving problems. In accordance with the characteristics of physics as a subject and a competition and the characteristics of the students who participate in the competition. The training involves three key strategies, namely, the training of model thinking ability and the techniques and methods of solving problems the training of students' ability to design and manipulate experiment , and the training of students' ability to study independently. As a consequence, the following procedures are necessary: compiling the training course; carrying out experiments on students with different levels of mathematics and physics knowledge; testing whether the results differ significantly. The research results indicate that all the training methods proposed will help to increase senior physics competition students' ability in problem solving, especially to high-achieving students with high level of mathematics and physics knowledge, due to the fact that all the problems to be solved in the competition are complex, often through complicated mathematical calculations. In addition, the research further explores that only when teachers perceivably understand "problem structure" of physics competition, can they be in a better position to give guidance to students.
Keywords/Search Tags:senior school students, physics competition, problem-solving, ability
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