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A Study On Affective Teaching In English In Primary School

Posted on:2004-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The purpose of affective teaching in primary is to optimize teaching course, to fulfill teaching aim, and to bring up pupils' interest in English and active attitudes towards English learning, to improve their English learning results, and develop their sound personal characters in primary, and to start a good beginning in English learning.From the angle of the Humanism, according to affective theories and present researches on affective language teaching at home and abroad, to counter traits of primary school pupil, primary school English teacher and primary school English curriculums the thesis makes a great deal of theoretical research and realistic investigation on the possibility of carrying out English affective teaching in primary school. The research has been done through a pretest, questionnaires, an interview, and a posttest. All the valid statistical figures were collected and analyzed through F test. The result shows the pupils' interests in English, the pupils' attitudes to their English teacher and the pupils' experiences of the English teacher's love in practical teaching have obvious influences on their English learning results. The research shows that primary school English affective teaching has following characteristics: Lit can effectively foster the primary school English beginners' interests in English, active attitudes towards English, improve the pupils' English learning results, and make them take delight in learning English. 2. It can arouse empathy among pupils and their English teacher that has obvious influence on pupils' English learning results. The research shows that in primary school the result of affective English teaching is better than the result of general English teaching because the average of the final-term English test in the Experimental Class is 8 points higher than it in the Controlled Class. The thesis still shows that affective teaching in primary school English has four special powerful functions: function of arousing cognition, function of empathy, function of drive and function of adjustment. Therefore the possibilities of affective teaching in English in primary school are no doubt. Finally the thesis suggests some advice on how to carryout affective teaching in English in primary school, besides the thesis points out its limits in studying how to overcome or make use of negative affective factors because of affect's complexity, changeability and extensibility. The problem needs studying in future.The thesis contains six parts in detail:Part One states the definition of affective teaching, the possibilities of carrying out English affective teaching in primary school, the significance and the necessity of the present research.Part Two is a literature review. At first it introduces affective theories: a few main affective factors that influence learners' language learning: attitudes, motivations, self-esteem and empathy and a few affective theories. Then it introduces the three affective theories in affective language teaching at home and abroad.Part Three describes the research methods.Part Four is analyses of the valid statistical figures.Through SPSS (11.0) all the collected statistical figures were dealt with and analyzed with F test.Part Five is a discussion to be held on the research. A relationship proves again that affect and cognition are interdependent, especially there are five strong and powerful functions of primary school English affective teaching. Some suggestions on primary school English affective teaching are raised.A conclusion of the thesis is drawn in Part Six. The significance of the research and the limits of the research are discussed here, meanwhile some suggestions for further research are mentioned, too.
Keywords/Search Tags:English in primary school, affective teaching, attitude, motivation, self-esteem, empathy
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