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Lu Xun's Thoughts Of Enlightenment And Teaching Of Lu Xun's Works In Middle School

Posted on:2005-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the planned economy to the fast transition of market-oriented economy, we see the disappearance of the cultural life at the back of abundant material life in our country. There still exists deep-rooted bad habits, such as spiritual victory law, numb ignorance that Lu Xun criticizes, concealing, deceiving and so on. So the national quality demands to improve urgently. As a great enlightens and writer appeared in the procession of transition from classical period to the modern society at the beginning of the 20th century in Chinese nation, Lu Xun's thoughts of enlightenment still have great realistic significance in new historical time.Many works written by Lu Xun, which contain Lu Xun's Thoughts of Enlightenment, are selected into Chinese book in middle school. As a Chinese teacher, probing Lu Xun's Thoughts of Enlightenment and educating students with them are our obligatory duty.Based on the analysis above, a few items are tried to discuss as following. First, starting with the forming orbit of Lu Xun's thoughts of enlightenment, we excavate the intension of Lu Xun's thoughts of enlightenment deeply according to the Lu Xun's works in middle school's textbook. Therefore, it provides the theoretical foundation for the gentle expansion of the next article.Second, focusing on the teaching reality of Lu Xun's Works, we point out the realistic meaning of Lu Xun's informative education. Therefore, we analyze the concrete ways and methods of student's informative education and requisitions for teacher on the basis of analysizing the problems existing in the middle school's teaching of Lu Xun's works.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modernization, Deep-rooted bad habits, Lu Xun's enlightenism thoughts, Informative education.
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