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The Analysis On Financing Mode Of Private Universities In China

Posted on:2006-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360155475638Subject:National Economics
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In 1980s, the private universities were resumed and expandedvigorously in China, increasing the diversification of the higher education supply, expanding the input of higher education effectively, promoting the management system of higher education and running a education institution. The private universities are marketed-oriented, running independently, commercialized the educating service, comparing with public universities in China. Therefore, most private universities have to be profit-and-loss responsibility in managing after funded by social force. As a result, during the duration of a private university, the issue of financing perplexes the further development of private universities in China.Combining the normative analysis and positive analysis, the qualitative and quantitative analysis, based on the Theory of Sharing Higher Education Cost and the Theory of Informational Asymmetry Financing, this dissertation concludes that there are four types of financing mode for private universities: rolling type mode, pouring-in mode, educational shareholding system mode and educational group mode. However, the financing modes of private universities are various while the essential is single, there is marginal room to enhancing the tuition fee and small social fund is offered, leading to difficult to solve the financing issue. Studying the financing modes of private universities in developed countries, implications to private universities in China are: widen the financing channel, regulating the financing and supporting channel legally, enlarging the government's participating, and insisting on economic performance as well as social performance. Consequently, a systematical solution to expand the financing channel can be drawn on the point of government, private universities and consumers. For government, policies such as a perfect legal and institutional environment, reforming the educational investment policy, enlarging the governmental funding to private universities, encouraging banks involving in private university can be adopted. For private universities, the counter plans are to extend to capital market and to lease financing. For individuals, the counter plans are the education save and education funding. These solutions will solve the financing issue so that benefit the development of Chinese private universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:private universities, financing channel, financing mode, international comparison, countermeasure
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