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Study On The Problem And Countermeasure Of Financing Of Private Guangdong CJ University In China

Posted on:2015-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since1980s, the private university has been developed greatly. The development of private university has been alleviating the contradiction between the requirement of high education and absence of educational resource. There are a lot of difficulties for the private university, the most of which is absence of fund. The private university is different from the public university, which is in support of government. The private university must depend on itself. So the financing problem of private university is the primatiest.The paper essay studies the difficulties of financing in private universities through studying Guangdong CJ University financing status. The paper analyzes financial status and the problems exist, it also pointing out that the problems and the reasons why it is difficult to finance in Guangdong CJ University. There are policies, social cognition factors and themselves’factors. This article introduces the private universities financing of the western developed countries and compares with Chinese private universities financing status. It should study from the experiences of private universities in the developed countries and raise the solution of Guangdong CJ University of financing problems. This paper thinks that for promoting the development of Guangdong CJ University and solving the financial bottleneck problem, it should firstly perfect Guangdong CJ University of financing channel, like perfecting the policies and regulations, clarifying property right belongings, improving social awareness and increasing social donation. Secondly, it should expand Guangdong CJ University of financing channels, such as using commercial credit, way of financial lease, BOT mode and developing school-run industries, which have applicability and maneuverability.In the policy of perfect premise, Guangdong CJ University can try new financing ways such as issuing stocks and bonds to wait for means to undertake financing. Finally, whether Guangdong CJ University adopts which financing channels, we should strengthen the financial management, reasonable dominates funds and expands internal financial proportion to improve the quality. So they are able to compete with public universities to get resources and ensure the steady development of private universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private universities, Financing, Diversified channels, Funds management
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