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University Of Nottingham Ningbo, For Example, To Explore Financing Channels For Chinese-foreign Cooperative Universities

Posted on:2009-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Without money, no excellent student can be recruited and no excellent professor can stay longer. With money the university may not be excellent; however, without money the university can not be excellent. Currently shortage on capital resource has limited the university's developing and affected the education quality, capacity on financing links on the developing level of the university in some certain. As shortage on capital investment in China with high education expansion, it is important for the university to seek for multiple-source of funding to supplement the gaps. Financing high education in China is a main subject to study for the accountant and for the university management as well. With the author's work experience in the university and her study on financing in the Sino-Foreign University in China, this dissertation could be as a reference for the relevant people.Financing high education has been changed from single government distribution to multiple-source of funding, including government distribution fund, tuition fee, research fund & service income, bank credit, donation fund and capital investment from the outside.This dissertation analyzed the financing methods/channels in Sino-Foreign University in China based on the theory of financing with the comparing method. By comparing the existing methods of fund collection in China with those in other developed countries, learning from the developed countries' experience, considering the environment in China, investigating University of Nottingham Ningbo China, and analyzing the current status of financing in such kind of university, the author indicates that making further progress on getting donation and research fund &service income will be the efficient methods on financing high education in future in China. It is suggested that donation fund collecting & acting institute should be set up to raise more donation fund and united the company to raise more research fund. Through such effort the tuition fee, donation fund and research fund & service income can constitute the big three income of the university except for the government distribution fund, In the end, the dissertation has summarized the methods in financing higher education, and proposed the possible financing ways such as changing the government distribution style, building education fund or education group, cooperating with the bank, issuing lottery and financing on capital marketing. The dissertation also has proposed the possibility on the innovative and improvement, hope that effort can create a good environment for financing higher education in future.
Keywords/Search Tags:High education, Sino-Foreign University in China, financing, financing high education, financing channel
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