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Analysis And Countermeasures For Present Situation Of Honesty Education For Chinese Contemporary Undergraduates

Posted on:2007-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360182478069Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Being influenced by various concept of thought and tropism of values in nowadays society, the principle of honesty which has been taken as social ethical standard and people's code of conduct of all ages is challenged severely in modern social life under the strike of tide of market economy. Crisis in honesty also arises among contemporary undergraduates who belong to a excellent group of society and unusually lucky persons in the complicated social environment. Among undergraduates, there are ones who are restless, with coxcombry in their style, eager for quick success and instant benefit, falsifying and occupying a big proportion of undergraduates;cheating in exam, falsifying in resume, plagiarizing in their papers, breaching when graduating, shying away from their loans take place again and again, which has been paid highly attention by all circle of society.Honesty means the moral quality of trusting others, telling no bosh, keeping their promise. Deference to objective fact, themselves and objective rules, persistence in seeking truth from facts, bravery in pursuing truth and their own duties is the specific embodiment of contemporary undergraduates' esteem on honesty. For contemporary undergraduates, honesty education is not only one kind of education shaping their healthy personality, but also one kind of important credit resource education and citizen's quality education.In the first this paper starts with the basic concept of "honesty", concluding the basic connotation of education in honesty, makes a brief introduction of ancient education in honesty of China and education in honesty in western country and generalizes the substance of the education in honesty among contemporary undergraduates of China on the basic of the introduction.On the second, this paper introduces the conditions of investigation on students in eight colleges including Perking University, stating major performance of the lacking and loss of honesty in undergraduates and analyzing the background and reason of the lacking and loss of honesty in undergraduates.At the end, this paper brings forward the countermeasures of how to reinforce the education in honesty from the point of constructing the system of education in honesty, ie. thought of combining the three aspect of college, family and society, enhances the effect of principal part that college has on undergraduates' honesty education, improves the assisting role that family education plays in undergraduates' honesty education, esteems the leading effect that social consensus atmosphere has on undergraduates' honesty education, perfects the compulsory role that laws and rules play in undergraduates' honesty education and attempts to bring forward the idea of erecting the systematic project of education and management in honesty among undergraduates in colleges and universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Undergraduate, Education in Honesty, Analysis of Present Situation, Countermeasures
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