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Applied Research On Reliability And Validity Of PE Questionnaire

Posted on:2007-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360185492747Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Fundamental task of PE sciences'research is discovering and studying the theory and methodology of sports, revealing the natures and laws of sports fields'phenomena. Social Survey is the main form of social studies. Social science survey research is most familiar methods and it is widely applied, and the research of Questionnaire is the mainstream among many methods.The research of Questionnaire is an important method in collecting data during survey research, which in form is a carefully designed questionnaire form, its use is used to measure people's behaviour, attitudes and social characteristics. With the development of sports science research, questionnaire survey was used in all areas of PE, and playing a wide range of uses.The results guide and influence the understanding and awareness about PE, however, the unstandardized, shoddy Questionnaire is increasing. Some apparently standardized forms of data have some fallacies, it not only mislead people's perspective, but also spoils the scientific reputation. Therefore, how to improve the efficiency of the survey, the results of the survey were to investigate the true objective reality, this should be the most concerned by users. In order to enhance their efficiency and statistical decision-making capacity, we must strive to improve the quality of the questionnaire survey, this involves in reliability and validityThe paper research on reliability and validity of questionnaire survey based on the basic theory of classical measurement: Main contents are as follows :1. Evaluation the advantages and disadvantages of testing methods of retest reliability , form reliability , homogeneity reliability (split-half reliability ), the using range of different valuation methods, as well as testing methodologies attention.2. The paper research on the base of testing methods of reliability in sports questionnaire : reliability of coefficient valuated different error, the questionnaire number and the number of investigations, questionnaire topic of types, levels and forms of questionnaire.3. Reliability view of classical measurement theory is analyzed; the existence...
Keywords/Search Tags:physical education, questionnaire, reliability, validity, classical measurement theory
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