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The Study On The Behavior Of Senior High School Students' Solving Chemistry Experiment Problem

Posted on:2008-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215974563Subject:Chemistry curriculum and teaching theory
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Problem solving is an advanced kind of human's intelligence activity. Teaching's finally aim is to make students solve problem smoothly. And for solving problem, students learn knowledge and skills. So the research of subject problem solving becomes the hottest research topic in educational psychology. Under the direction of the basics in the Cognitive psychology and Information processing theory, joining the characteristics of chemistry experiment question, the author design the chemistry experiment problem tasks and chemistry experiment problem test material. With the methods of case study and test questionnaire, adopting laboratory observation and spoken language report analysis and questionnaire test respectively, the author conducted the preliminary study on the behavior of high school students'solving operative chemistry experiment problem. The result shows:1. There are three main important steps in the process of senior high school students solving chemistry experiment problem: problem representation, experiment design, experiment operation. Self-monitoring run through the whole process of solving chemistry experiment problem, and it arrange and monitor and feed back and adjust and appraise the behavior of problem solving to ensure success.2. Three levels of signifying of mai experience while senior high school students solving chemistry experiment problem. They are literal representation, chemistry-principle representation and experiment-method representation. As the process of solving chemistry problem goes, the level of problem representation is becoming deeper, and the distance between present and goal place is becoming shorter. The experiment-method representation, the higehest level, after achieving it, students can go into the step of experiment designation.3. There are many factors influencing chemistry experiment problem-solving. They are described in the following words:(1) Students'experience antitypes and the complete knowledge structure influence the step of problem representation.(2) The scientific problem representation is the base of experiment design. The experiment resources and environment factors and the standard of choose the best program influence the step of experiment design.(3) Students'experiment operative skills, experiment psychology, the ability of observing the experiment and forming result from the phenomena influence the step of experiment operation.According the results of this study, this text tries to give some strategies to improve senior high school students'ability of solving chemistry experiment problem.(1) Help students built proper structure of knowledge.(2) Help students accumulate experience antitypes.(3) Raise and improve students'experiment operative skills.(4) Adjust students'experiment psychology.(5) Raise students'ability of self-monitorning.
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