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Peasant Education: The Demand Of Reality And Important Propulsive Force For The New Rural Construction Of Socialism

Posted on:2008-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215987122Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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In the 5th Plenary Session of the sixteen Central Committee ofthe Communist Party of China, the "new rural construction ofsocialism" strategic objective has brought forward, that made thecitizens inspired with enthusiasm, and so did the peasants and theacademic circles about the agriculture, peasants and the rural."developing the producing, the farmers' living is ample, the village isclean and tidy, ethos is civilization and the management isdemocracy", such prospect made people long for and yearn for it. Butnow in many rural areas, new rural construction is hard to walk. thecause involve many aspects, a basic restraint among these factors isthe baffle of peasants' quality, New peasants who are literacy, masterthe technology, be good at management have the ability to build ournew socialism country, and will build them beautiful. the peasantseducation may the most effective approach to cultivate millions ofnew peasants, it also may be the most feasible approach and thedemand of the new rural construction. The new rural construction ofsocialism afflux epoch connotation and new content for the peasantseducation, that will offer a vast stage and development prospect forit, the peasant education will be promoting the new rural constructiontremendously.The main body of this article is allotted for four parts:PartⅠis the forewords and the introductions: educe the problemand introduce the current situation of the study work. The writer hasset forth the peasant education problem from the new ruralconstruction, and then definite such concepts: peasants' education,rural construction, country construction, new rural construction, ruraleducation and so on, then emphasize analysis the current situation ofthe study work, that's the summarize of document. In the last, the writer simple account for the writing mentality and the methods.PartⅡis the necessity and urgency: The times calling and realappealing ask. The writer analysis the necessity and the urgency fromthree aspects, that's the time's demands, people's wish and the realappealing.PartⅢis the difficulties and the causes, the writer analysis thecurrent situation about peasant education, then advance the realproblem and the embarrassment of the reforming, in the last the authorhad analysis the causes.PartⅣis the countermeasure and outlet: stretches the thoughtand choose the general plan. The author considered that the peasanteducation in the background of the new rural construction ought tofollow and choose general plan: Make clear a guiding idea, insist ontwo basic principles, carry out three kinds of education approaches,perfect four carriers, enrich five kinds content of education, sanity sixoperating mechanisms, put seven combinations into effect.The last is the article's concluding remarks and references.
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