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The Development And Teaching Application Search Of Three-Dimensional Interactive Graph

Posted on:2008-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215999253Subject:Education Technology
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While science technology developing, the education is also bringing forth the new through the old constantly. Particularly the virtual reality technology which appeared in the 80's, had been developing and applied in each high tech domain under the impact of technical tide gradually. But because of the condition limit, such as expensive hardware facilities and so on, its application is not very broad in the education.Taking the three dimensional modelling as the foundation, taking the virtual reality technology as the technical support, the three dimensional interactive graph imitate outward appearance, color and gloss of objective world'real things. It is be increased the interactive button and the interactive animation demonstration which the user can use at will, in additional, it let the user observe the thing from three dimensional angle and carry on the turning over, the enlargement or reduce to the thing, as well as the function study when need, at the same, it can give you a kind of primary experience which approximate virtual scene.Using 3D MAX software to modell, increased the interaction with Cult 3D and VRML, the manufacture cost of three-dimensional interactive graph is lower, it can be inserted to many kinds of software , be issued to the network easily, be saved and carried easily, andcan be used many times as the teaching resources with no time and place limitation. Although it is develpoed by software, and can't substitute real subject, it still can play its role when limited by objective things. The three- dimensional interactive graph not only may be supposed to use in the long-distance teaching, the network teaching, but also can play a very good assistance role for teacher's classroom instruction.In this paper, the achievement is"The Virtual Simulation Platform of Teaching Media", on this foundation, the author conducted a study and exploration as the following:Chapter one first introduces the background for seclecting and the research significance, analyzed the present research situation of domestic and foreign, and explanated the related cuncept.Chapter two analyzed the guiding theory and the design principles to be followed when develop the three-dimensional interactive graph in teaching process. In additional, it made the certain elaboration of the teaching application to the graph as well as the three-dimensional interactive graph.Chapter third mainly explained the development technology to be used when developing the three-dimensional interactive graph, and how to design the three-dimensional interactive graph which is suit for teaching.In chapter four, according to the experimental curriculum of the education technology public class ,the author embarks from the reality, uses 3D MAX software to model the media equipments (for example: multimedia computer, liquid crystal projector, video visior, digital camera, VGA divider and so on) usually used in modern teaching. They are increased interaction through the interactive software such as VRML, Cult 3D and so on, and then are presented for the learners by one brand-new three dimensional interactive graph way, which enable the learners to control the media freely, for example: enlargement, reduction, revolving, moving, as well as the corresponding interactive animation of the media equipment, and so on. This chapter mainly describes the design process of three-dimensional interactive graph,and analyzes the forecast before the system used for teaching,as well as the questionnaire after used for teaching,and then the author carried on the summary and reconsidering for the problems encountered in practice and received inspiration.In the last chapter,in order to find the next syudy direction and work key, the author summarized the work that this paper did, as well as this topic's deficiency, at the same time, she made a beautiful forecast for later research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Environment, Three-Dimensional Modelling, Computer Graph, Three-Dimensional Interactive Graph, constructivism, Situated Cognition, Information Communicating, Teaching Application
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