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Researches On Financing Channels Of Public Universities And Colleges In China

Posted on:2009-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360242485496Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Higher education is the basic education in modern times, while the short of capital is a bottleneck on the way of its development. Many countries choose reforming education-investing system, enhancing finance by university itself, absorbing capital from different channels as well as increasing government investment.From the middle and late of 1990s, the management mechanisms and distribution structures of our country's higher education has been undergoing radical adjustment, and the higher education has also entered into unprecedented expansion periods. The development of higher education and its expansion needs plentiful funds support, but the sources and growing speed of our country's higher education funds cannot match the needs of the development of higher education.Notwithstanding the government increases the educational public funds year after year, its percentage in the overall higher education funds declines year by year.At the same time, the educational funds charged from residents have been gradually increased, but it has little potentials to increase the educational funds based on tuition fees. Additionally, others sources of the higher education funds include the incomes from scientific research and university hold enterprises, the social endowments and loans from banks at present, but the percentage of these funds in the overall higher education funds is very low, and it is difficult for them to be the main sources of thehigher education funds in short term. So it is graveness to study the finance of higher education.The domestic study about the finance of higher education is still on a starting stage, especially the research on its finance forms are not so systematic. Basing on the theory of Public Sector Economics, Human Capital Investment and Value Engineering, the paper first proves the feasibility and necessity of the finance of higher education. Then through plenty of data, the paper analysis the situation of the finance of domestic higher education, and the problems existing in nowadays such as the short of capital, the low efficiency of its fund running and etc. Meanwhile, the factors influencing the finance of higher education are pointed out. In the end of the paper, the author proposes three finance innovating forms, educational lottery tickets, asset-backed securities and venture capital investments, focusing on their operating mode, and giving some advice to how to manage the finance of higher education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Finance of Education, Finance Innovation, Higher Education, Universities
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