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The Strategic Study On The Integrated Development Of Industry-Teaching-Research At The College-level Of Local University

Posted on:2008-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H H YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360242966575Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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With the rapid development of China's high education in recent years and the more close relationship between university and society, the integration of industry-teaching-research has become a key issue in the social science. As a matter of fact, the interests of the integrated development of industry-teaching-research are much different from university to university. Due to the fact that the rapid development of local universities has become the main stream of China's high education landscape, it is the subordinate tier of university, the college-level, that untertakes the implementation of the integration of industry-teaching-research, so it is hoped to pay more attention to the intergrated practice in these institutions.Based on the case study at J college of N university, a pratice oriented strategy on integration of industry-teaching-research at the micro-level of university is developed. Through a detailed preparation of investigation, interviews and material collection, the integration of industry-teaching-research at the college-level is analysized and the proposals on its strategic positioning, organizational structure, operational mechanism and security system are put forward.In the first chapter the practical significance of the study, the main viewpoints of concepts, the framework and approach of the research are introduced, followed by a general review of the current situation in the integration of industry-teaching-research at the universities in China and abroad.In the second chapter, based on an interpretation of the general principle of high education and the functional evolution of university, the plausibility of integrated development of industry-teaching-research is explored With this a development model of interrelated intergration which contributes to a dual support system between the authorization of unversity and the promotion of college-level is discussed.In the third chapter, based on the analysis of advantages, problems and potentials existed at J college of N university, a strategic positioning of the integration of industry-teaching-research for its further development is proposed.The fourth chapter is focusing on the core issue of the integration of industry-teaching-research, ie. the organizational structure of the intergrated development of industry-teaching-research at J College. Combined with its own conditions, a feasible reform framework has been put forward and an organizational platform which embodies the concept of the integration of industry-teaching-research is set up.The fifth chapter is on the establishment of a scientific operational mechanism of the integration of industry-teaching-research at J College, which plays an essential role to the organizational framework on its own. Mechanisms like dynamical combination, decision making management, regulation and restriction, incentive and encouraging, risk reducing and integrated development are suggested and elaborated.In the sixth chapter, with a view to the establishment of a security system of the integration of industry-teaching-research and given the improved situation in the whole education system in China, the construction of cooperation platform in regard of the security system like thinking concepts, organizational structure, external environment should be enhanced and the potential of the integration of industry-teaching-research be developed.
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