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Research On The Young Potential Public's Characteristics And Public Relations Countermeasures For Wuhan Optical Valley Soccer Club

Posted on:2009-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360245451939Subject:Humanities and sociology
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China's professional league performances are very important in the industry of athletic performance, the management quality of the professional sports clubs will related on the operation and the quality of the league directly for it has been a important provider of the athletic performance service. Wuhan Optical Valley Soccer Club is one of the few professional sports clubs in the country's top league in Wuhan, as a result, its successful operation will be beneficial to the prosperity of the athletic performance industry in Wuhan. For professional sports clubs, the most direct business objective is to profit, and the fans are the fundamental source of the profit. The research aim of this paper is to make more young people become the Wuhan Optical Valley Soccer Club's fans in order to establish a solid foundation for the club's sustainable development by analyzing the characteristics of young potential public and providing targeted public relations countermeasures. Therefore, the research chose 600 random samples in Wuhan who are from 8 to 23-year old and not the fans for Wuhan Optical Valley Soccer Club, and conducted a survey of these 600 young people. Then, it used SPSS to do some mathematical statistics for the survey result. After analyzing the survey result, we can learn the features that impact the young potential public on both subjective and objective respects, the features that their psychological needs, the features that are displayed when they access to the information. On basis of this, the research classified the young potential public and analyzed their different requests aiming at the classified youth's different features. Finally, according to the club's actual situation of existing resources and the goals may reach in the course of operations in the future, this paper provided relevant public relation countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:youth, potential public, professional sports clubs, public relation, countermeasures
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