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A Research On The Professional Sports Club In GUANGXI

Posted on:2009-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360245459675Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Under Market Economy condition,Professional Sports Club develops with the modern industry and commercial economy.Guangxi Tianji Football Club was set up on December 1st,2005. It is the 1st professional football club in Guangxi that was founded by Guangxi sports bureau, Guangxi industrial and commercial bureau and Chinese Football Association .In the past 2 years , Guangxi Tianji football club has been in the Chinese football grade B team, for its inside and outside factors in developing process, and it has revealed out a lot of problems ,including club's administration , host competition's operation,marketing and coordinated growth of local economy and culture,etc.The paper made a deep analysis for Guangxi Tianji Football Club by the way of document data law , the questionnaire , comparative analysis law , interview lawFirst,GX Tianji FC exists a lot of problems in itsorganization setup, management personnnel composition, marketing as well as training and competing environment.its organization setup is not good.its management is a mess the club staff's quality is relatively poor.its marketing develops quite slowly with no effective commercial exploitation plansSecondly, according to an investigation on the outside environment that the Guangxi horizon football club develops ,the main factors that affect Guangxi Tianji football club's development include: the regional environment of Guangxi Tianji football club ; its regional economy and local residence's consuming on sports ; domestic policy and reformsFinally, judging from the questionaire for the host audience, it can be concluded that the football has a fine mass base in Guangxi. The host audience age ranges from 20 to 40 .and the audience is centered on college students. Audience think that the price of the ticket can not overtop 30, the price between 10 and 30 is comparatively acceptable .The facotrs that few people watch the competitions are due to the busy job and the high price as well as the inconvenient transportation.Most of the audience watch the competiton with their family and friends.2.the motivation that audience watch the competition is diversified, including to kill the time , to be interested , to feel and to support.Judging from the investigation, the following countermeasurement for its development are worth mentioning: The professional club must implement"the politics to separate", with the aim of straightening out the property right to relate .2 to use the social fund fully, the promotion professional club professionalism .3 must strive for the national policy support positively, promotes the western provincial capital area sports industrial development .4 to take seriously the native place member's raise, establishes the club troop multistage echelons .5 to speed up the club the modes of business operation, the multi-channel collection club fund .6 strengthen the club operational mechanism reform, tries to raise the club operating efficiency .7 to size up the situation the formulation plan, develops each kind of club resources .8 to take seriously to spread the traditional culture, strengthens the club cultural reconstruction .9 to support the cooperation unit vigorously in every way, consummates the reserve personnel training system .10 to strengthen diligently with media clasp, forms the benign interaction.
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