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Research On Higher Education Service Quality Of China

Posted on:2010-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360275457096Subject:Quantitative Economics
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Since the expansion of higher education in China, the quality of higher education has become the focus of everyone's attention. The principal part of existing quality-evaluating of higher education contains governments, colleges and universities, teachers and employers, but students, the "consumer groups", do not attract enough concern. The quality evaluation and the protection model of higher education which are students-oriented have not yet been established. Furthermore, with the expansion of size of undergraduates training, the quality of students-training has already attracted high attention in society, relative departments of management and training units. In addition, despite the connotation of quality of service, properties and conceptual model of causal relationship have been researched universally in the business area, but the research work on casual relationship between higher education quality and customer service quality becomes feeble. Therefore, this study has important theoretical and practical significance.In order to study the relationship among the service quality in higher education, customer satisfaction degree in higher education and customer behavior in higher education, this paper will combine theoretical reasoning with empirical research. First of all, through literature review and theoretical analysis, with the research results that scholars have give in the quality of service of higher education, we divide them into three parts: input quality, process quality and outcome quality of; then, on the basis of this study, we build model of interaction between service quality in higher education, costumer satisfaction degree of higher education and behavioral intention; and then, we use methods of empirical research of structural equation model to evaluate, amend and test the proposed model of impact mechanism and verify the validity of model. In this study, data analysis methods are mainly descriptive statistics, reliability testing, validity testing and structural equation model.This study was conducted to test the model and assumptions and we get the following conclusions:Firstly, service quality of higher education is a multidimensional conception, which mainly contains these three parts, the input quality, process quality and outcome quality. The quality of the inputs includes rigid and soft input; process quality contains curriculum-designing, teaching and service-process, interactive emotion and reliability; the results include learning harvest, increase in ability and personality. Through the internal consistency and confirmatory factor analysis, the results show that the Questionnaire design has high reliability and validity.Secondly, the importance of service quality in higher education is undoubted. It not only has a direct impact on satisfaction degree of higher education customers, and also has a significant and indirect effect towards customer behavior intention in higher education. Empirical studies show that the input quality and process quality have direct and positive impacts on the degree of customer satisfaction in higher education, and have a indirect and positive impact on behavioral intention in higher education customers; we do not establish a direct impact relationship between the quality of results and degree of customer satisfaction in higher education, but the quality of results has a significant, direct and positive impact on the intention of customer behavior in higher education.Finally, combining the conclusions of this paper, some recommendations on the existing educational methods and management mechanism are made.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Education, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Structural Equation Model
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