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Jilin Province University High Level Sports Team Management Present Situation Analysis

Posted on:2011-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360305966098Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In recent years, college teaching, deepening reform, rapid development of PE are, CUBA, CUVA, Li Ning and other National Football League college students show a variety of university sports style event for the development and improvement of college sports has played a positive role. College Athletics as Sports Reserve personnel training system, a department, but also expand our competitive sports market and increase competitive sports people, improve our level of competitive sports an important part. Along with the continuing education and physical education reform and development and the 2008 Olympic Games, China's sports system after the reform, universal concept of fitness and lifetime sports and more popular. University sports teams facing new challenges. But as a whole is hard to meet the social development and college sports development.Since 1986, China's university sports team building and development has achieved certain results. However, in the 20th century under the planned economy 80 years built up a high level sports team training system and management mechanism, can not meet the conditions of socialist market economy and social development needs of severely restricting the sustainable development of high-level sports teams and athletic ability. With the Ministry of Education and the State Sport General Administration of College Sports Teams set goals when there is a gap. And the existence of biogenic shortages, funding constraints, inadequate systems of the current status of competition.Jilin Province by setting up high level sports teams, so that the masses of all college sports, competitive sports have a certain conduct, effectively promoted the development of Jilin University Physical Education. But in the face of increasing competition in the current from a planned economy to market economy in the immediate form in front of higher education and competitive sports in our province how to better integrate the development process in competitive sports to play the advantages of universities, not only to the development of PE, also related to the success of physical education reform in our province. At the same time, these high-level sports teams in the construction and development, facing the training system and management mechanism, so the problem to be solved, the urgent need for the training system and management mechanism, so for a reasonable reform and optimization.Through literature, questionnaire, expert interviews, statistics and other methods of Jilin Province's seven high level of college sports teams to analyze and study the current situation. Jilin Province of the current situation of high level sports team coaches, athletes situation, team organization and management status, analytical level sports team in building the management mechanism yet to be resolved, seek the feasibility of response options. The results show that the coaches of university sports teams Jilin age, education, title structure is reasonable, is a mainly middle-aged coach of the team, and has high academic coaches have a tendency to trend. Coaches have to have some teaching experience, good research capability, but lack of education opportunities. Training means homogeneous, lack of scientific training methods; Jilin University Athletic Teams of senior middle school athletes to the main source of students, the whole dominated by two athletes. Athletes in training can be active while learning the cultural lessons, but the basic causes of bad influence and training of the athletes have the motivation to learn; athletes most willing to participate in training, but training boring, injuries and the pressure of learning is the major difficulties in training. There is contradiction between learning and training more serious; Jilin University Athletic Teams of employment trends can not be optimistic; Jilin University sports teams in the organization and management of the substantial gap between the advanced provinces and municipalities. In the project layout is not reasonable enough, ignoring the advantages of the project province; Office team objectives and requirements of relevant national documents falls far short of operating funds come from the school administration, funding sources of a single, physical sector income-generating ability, selection of supervision exist loopholes, some of the projects lack of high-level athletes, there is no mechanism for short-term experimental training; "train" the establishment of the training system is not perfect; coaches and athletes are to be improved material living conditions, treatment can not meet the needs; team of fewer entries affect the high level sports teams in the province improved tactics.Of Jilin Province athlete team management mechanism, enhance the efficiency of running team, improve and solve the Jilin team of university sports teams to do the problems in the process, suggest the department concerned:enhance the quality of coaches, improve incentives Coach; to athletes with incentives to encourage students to improve themselves to manage their own learning ability; building human resources training and mobile platforms, expanding biogenic channels, construction of "one-stop" training system; reasonable control project layout, the development of the province advantages and potential advantages of the project approach, the formation of the fist item characteristics; Raising funds diversification, the introduction of market economy mechanisms, improve the competition mechanism, such as increasing the number of entries for the optimization of Jilin Province, the management of university sports teams mechanisms to promote university sports teams development of valuable theoretical...
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