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Protocol Software Implementation And Application Of FF High-Speed Ethernet Fieldbus

Posted on:2004-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360092975629Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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With the fast development of computer technology, micro-electronics and communication technology, the analog signal transmission in the industry has transformed to the digital one. This enhances the interdevice communication, andtherefore a new technology------fieldbus comes into existence. Fieldbus is acommunication network used to interconnect field devices such as intelligent measurement instruments, control devices, executive machines. High speed and low cost network is needed in process control area. In the past several years, the standard of Ethernet had been improved much especially on determination, speed and information priority. Because of the rapid development of the exchanging technology, the impediment of adopting Ethernet in control area is eliminated greatly. Recently, many organizations and companies are working on the implementation of seamless connection of Ethernet and fieldbus. This developing tread makes Ethernet extend into lower layer.FF is coming to become the advanced fieldbus technology out of all fieldbus technologys. Implementation of FF protocol is helpful for the development of digital and intelligent automatic control system. FF-HSE Protocol developed by FF has become one of the eight parts of IEC61158 standard. HSE Protocol operates on Ethernet and TCP/UDP protocol, which makes HSE Fieldbus has much higher communication speed than tranditional FF-H1 Fieldbus.In this thesis, HSE Protocol is studied and implemented, which mainly includes the software accomplishment of SMPM module, the software accomplishment of SNTP module. Finally, Design high-speed and real-time industrial control network based on HSE Feildbus is also studied. In this dissertation, the main contributions are as follows:1) HSE Protocol architecture is introduced, and the principles of SMPM are mainly analyzed, then the software implementation of SMPM based on C Language is given. In this dissertation, we give the programming architecture of SMPM and the implementation of some of the critical algorithms. Satisfying results are got throuth testing.2) The principles of SNTP , which is one of the important modules in the HSE Protocol architecture, are studied, the data architecture and the algorithm implementation of SNTP are also analyzed. We give the programming architecture and the software implementation of the client software of SNTP based on C Language. Satisfying results are got through testing.3) Based on the introduction of traditional HSE control netwok, according to the principles of switch, we design switched HSE control network based on switch. In order to improve the real-time capability, after the analyzing of the characters of switch delay, some improvement methods are given . According to the wireless communication requests invoked by some industrial applications, we put forward a new field level wireless communication specifications. The new protocol is based on the FF-HSE specifications and integrate the IEEE802.11b standards. The new protocol can not only synchronize the wireless devices but also perform the real-time communication.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foundation Fieldbus, High-Speed Ethernet, Socket mapping protocol machine(SMPM), Simple network time protocol(SNTP), Switched control network, Wireless communication
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