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A Study Of The Hexi Corridor And The Northwest Frontier Defense In The Han Dynasty

Posted on:2015-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2175330431477844Subject:History of Ancient China
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Hexi Corridor in Gansu province in the northwest, is one of the main areas of development of animal husbandry in ancient China. The area’s natural environment and its special geographical position to become Western Region Central Plains traffic thoroughfare, is also an important place for the Chinese imperial court and the Huns and Qiang ethnic minority long war. Especially in Yuanshou years after (before121) included in the Hexi Corridor Han territory, there has been a slightly northwest of the Central Plains through the border to land, has always been the ruler’s attention. Emperor is the first time in the history of the development of Hexi climax, Chinese government set up in this county home county, built off the plug, immigration Mita, adopted a series of effective measures, which greatly promoted the development of economic and social Hexi area, maintaining the Northwest stable frontier to completely defeat Hun Han border intrusion and to protect the smooth flow of the Silk Road, has laid a solid foundation. Xinmang period, due to the implementation of the national policy errors caused years of war and the Hexi Corridor region of Central Asia. Once the end of the Eastern Han, Qiang Northwest has always been plagued by chaos, liangzhou region is constantly Qiang uprising, while the Han Dynasty’s comments on the use of force to suppress the forced migration of Han Qiang thus long-term relationship in a hostile state.This paper from the Chinese government’s economic strategy for a global focus on the northwest, Hungary to the Han and Qiang war, Western and developing traffic west of the main trail, and contact the Hexi Corridor region of national activities and the Han Dynasty in handling ethnic relations and frontier affairs principles and policies, etc., tentatively sketched out by the Chinese government a little overview of the Hexi Corridor, and concluded there is a world of success or failure.
Keywords/Search Tags:Han Dynasty, Hexi Corridor, Huns, border economic strategy, Qiang chaos
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