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Research On The Protection And Development Of Architectural Art In Historical And Cultural Towns

Posted on:2016-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2175330470962913Subject:Chinese ethnic minority art
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Since the beginning of reform and opening up, the city modernization has speeded up in China. It is a pity that a large number of ancient villages and towns which carry history and extend ethnic culture were destroyed during the drastic reform, and many valuable historical and cultural heritage was extinct. They were invaluable treasures for Chinese nation, so it must be taken seriously and a reasonable balance between ancient town protection and development shall be found out. Abundant ancient houses and buildings located in southwestern Hunan have the typical architectural characteristics of Miao and Dong ethnic minorities. Most of them are within the town, are the important parts of the landscape of rural settlement and the carrier of national culture with multiple properties of value. Especially ancient houses which closely linked to mankind directly reflect the deep cultural connotation including a national faith, folklore, aesthetics and values etc. and show the town’s feature and tradition. Hence, it will have a remarkable meaning to protect them for the ancient town.Through visiting Zhaishi ancient town, Suining county, Hunan province, this article made a thorough research on ancient houses there, discussed the protection and development of famous historical and cultural town from the perspective of the Miao nationality residential architectural art. First the traditional architecture was introduced one by one, including Zhaishi ancient building complex and Zhengban ancient houses, which focuses on four types of ancient village house headed by Yinziwu in Zhengban village. Then the artistic characteristics and cultural connotation in them was analysed, which is the key point of this article. It contains important steps from the beginning to the completion of the building lengthways, such as preparation before construction, customs and decoration; It is divided into layout, function and image of plane and space crosswise, which indicates the concept of integration of nature and mankind, the aesthetics of beautiful use, the religious view of diverse worship.At the end, by placing Zhaishi buildings under the background of present protection and development of ancient towns, the significance of its existence was stated via four aspects that includes habitat, historical context, cultural heritage, tourism landscape. It indicated that conflict between function and demand, lack of protection and maintenance, lack of action and sense, coexistence of old and new architecture and fire hazards. To solve the problem, we should give priority to protection and give consideration to development, recognize the relationship between protection and development. Try to develop and use dwellings, dig their economic potential, as a result, these approaches help the ancient buildings be full of new vitality in the new historical period, achieve the virtuous circle for protection and development. Therefore, through five aspects contains developing new districts, funds and personnel development, promoting return with industry, culture awareness and self-confidence cultivating, and strengthening fire prevention, make sure of the sustainable development of ancient dwellings in the process of rapid urbanization.
Keywords/Search Tags:residential buildings, Zhaishi ancient town, Yinziwu, protection development
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