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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures In The Construction Of Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2015-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330422474454Subject:Political Theory
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Nowadays, our government is faced with three real problems that are correlatedwith each other. Firstly, citizens are making more and more strict requests. Secondly,demands for public service present the characteristics of diversity and complexity.Thirdly, cross-sector public issues are growing fast. Traditional rigid governancestructure, which is base on division of labor and divided department, can not makequick response to such situation. Therefore, problems of bad governance increase,such as red tape, inefficiency and low service quality. Building an AdministrativeService Centre (or ASC, for short) is an innovative attempt to address these problems.Through the mechanism of collaboration between government departments and theconstruction of a “one-stop” service supply model, ASC, to a certain extent, canenhance the overall efficiency of government’s public service supply.This research mainly carried out the following work. First of all, reviewing andsorting out and evaluating research literature connected with ASC in the past ten years.Secondly, the article takes many other issues of researches on administrativemanagement into the analysis of ASC, such as reform of administrative examinationand approval, information publicity, Construction of government services andadministrative coordination mechanism. Thirdly, this research investigates the statusquo of ASC from the aspects of base case, nature of organization, functionalorientation, status of entering, transmission channel and power of examination andapproval. Through the comparison of “should” and “in fact”, this paper finds out thatthere are some problems in ASC construction, and then analyzes reasons for suchproblems and ways to solve them by using some theories from OrganizationalSociology. Lastly, the author managed to design a general model for ASC, whichinclude its strategic positioning and role placement, and resource investment andinstitutional assurance, and relationship management, and principle and mechanism ofservice, and process reengineering.The future development of ASC needs the efforts both from the particular level ofgovernment and ASC itself. A particular government shall specify the location of ASCand elevate its construction to a strategic height. At the same time, a government shallpay attention to the internal relations between ASC and other tasks, such asgovernment functions transformation, administrative approval system reform,institutional restructuring, administrative ethics construction, and optimize allocationof resources, and strengthen its support system construction. For ASC, it shall consistently improve its self-development ability by developing function of servicerecommendation, making institutionalized contracts, strengthening output capacity(specialization and diversification, improve service quality, strengthen the propagandaand promotion), constructing learning culture, and strengthening team construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:25Provincial Capitals, Administrative Service Centre, Reform ofadministrative examination and approval, Organizational Sociology
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