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On The Corruption And Governance About The Administrative Examination And Approval Powers

Posted on:2013-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371979468Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative examination and approval is an important function of ourgovernment on the management of economic and social activities. In the period oftransformations of society and economy, the field of administrative examinationand approval is breeding of the serious problems of corruption. In the newsituation, analyzing its causes and exploring new governance, have a greatimportant theoretical value and practical significance.That Power Corruption and the overall punishing and preventing corruptionis in an important position. The anti-corruption experience has shown that in theperiod of economic transformation and social change, to grasp the the key areasand crucial links, strengthen the supervision and control of power to run, are ableto solve the problems of corruption of power. Correctly grasp the basic strategy ofcontrolling corruption, and to seize the governance focus areas and key links inthe field of administrative examination and approval, and has become animportant way to control the problems of corruption of the administrativeexamination and approval. With a combination of methods between literatureresearch and summary in nature research. Firstly resolving connotation,characteristics and type about the corruption of administrative examination andapproval authority, which is the premise of our governance understanding aboutthe corruption of the administrative examination and approval; exploring theadministrative examination and approval of the corruption of power performance,and summarizing the main reasons for the cause of corruption; the harm ofadministrative examination and approval of the corruption of power to overcomeand prevent deviations in the understanding of ideas clearly again; the value ofclear administrative examination and approval authority corruption in governance,to establish the need for governance approval corruption; countermeasures topower corrupt governance, and enhance the effective governance of the initiative of the powers of corruption, to improve the ability and level of corruptionprevention, particularly turned to the citizens to participate in the monitoring,passive reforms to the initiative by the examination and approval system reform,preventive citizens participation; changed for the market mechanism for allocationfrom the institutional reforms, led by the Government into the society, the marketmultiple subjects to participate; from structural reform to the mechanisminnovation, in order to curb corruption and get countermeasures from theadministrative examination and approval powers of governance.
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