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Study On The Optimization Of Social Management Function Of Township Government In Borderland Multi - Ethnic Area

Posted on:2014-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330422488338Subject:Administrative Management
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The Border and Minority Area local governments actively explore andconstruct the socialist market economy of the border areas. At the same time localgovernment bear the guardian of peace and stability of the border areas, theimportant task of maintaining national sovereignty and territorial integrity, andsafeguarding regional stability and promoting economic construction the processplays an important role. Therefore, with the speeding up economic constructionwhether effectively maintain the stability of the border multi-ethnic areas hasbecome a hot topic in the society.How to effectively optimize the social management functions of the multi-ethnic border areas of the township government has become a hot issue discussed bythe academic community. The Lijiang Old Town qihe town become the researchobject in this article, also researching the problems of the multi-ethnic frontier regionof villages and towns government social management function. As a live in lijiangnaxi, through the field research the author discussion and learning the currentsituation and existing problems of the township government in the construction ofsocial management functions. On this basis, analysis the problems in the frontierethnic township government social management functions construction process.According to the reasons with related theory, proposed the border and minorityarea township government social management functions optimized path. Stressedestablish the grass-roots public policy platform, strengthen public participation,establish and improve the township government social management measures tosafeguard mechanism, and strengthen measures to effectively implement the. Theauthor hope that through this research helps to understand the status of frontierethnic township government in the construction of social management functions. Forpolicy-makers to find ways of optimizing social management functions of townshipgovernment to provide some reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:social management functions, frontier ethnic regions, socialmanagement, township government
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