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A Study On The Construction Of The Party 's Grass - Roots Organizations In The Urban - Rural Fringe

Posted on:2015-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330431469348Subject:Marxism in China
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The report of the eighteenth national congress of the communist party of China pointed thatthe basic level organization of the party is to unite and lead the masses to carry out the party’stheory and policy, the implementation of the tasks of the party fighting bastion. To implementthe responsibility system for building the party, strengthen the construction of rural, citycommunity party organization, increase the non-public economic organizations, socialorganizations construction efforts, promote grass-roots party construction work in various fields,to expand the party organization and the coverage of the party’s work, give full play to promotethe development, serving the people, unite the people, to promote the harmonious action, drivethe other grassroots the organization construction to the party’s basic level organizationconstruction.Rural-urban fringe zone is located in the city center and the periphery of pure transitionzone between the agricultural heartland. In the economic structure, social structure, populationstructure and system mechanism and so on presents different from urban, rural complex situation.Which determines the complexity, difficulty and importance of party construction, must adapt toits social structure and the characteristics of The Times to strengthen the construction of urbanand rural integration of primary party organizations.It is necessary to strengthen the party’s grassroots organization for strengthening Partybuilding. along with the rapid development of China’s economy and society, party’s grassrootsorganizations of the rural-urban fringe zone plays an increasingly important role in the party’sresearch theoretical system of grassroots organizations. the party construction of grassrootsorganizations related to development of the rural-urban fringe zone, to accelerate the objectiverequirement of urbanization and new rural construction of socialism, is the consolidation of theparty’s grassroots ruling position, the inevitable requirement to improve the basic levelorganization of the party’s own construction level.In this paper, based on the actual of KuiShan street of the Development zone in Rizhaocity,combining the reality of its party building work to analysis the construction status ofgrassroots organization.Grab the content and features of the party’s grassroots organizations inrural-urban fringe zone,focus on the questions occur in the construction of party’s grassrootsorganizations in rural-urban fringe zone,combining with academic related discussions,mainlyaimed at the current problems existing in the grassroots organizations construction units of rural-urban fringe zone, according to the report of the eighteenth national congress of thecommunist party of China, put forward the concrete strategy to give full play to the primaryparty organizations to promote, solidarity,and harmonious how to strengthen theintegration of urban and rural areas the party’s basic-level organization construction.On the basisof seeking a major breakthrough in theory and in practice to integrated refining suggestions ofthe party’s grassroots organization to strengthen the rural-urban fringe zone,rich and sound partygrassroots organizations theoretical system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural-urban fringe zone, Grassroots organizations construction, Path selection
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