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Infringement Of Privacy Right In Network Environment And Its Relief

Posted on:2015-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important part of personality right,the right of privacy is closely related toeveryone’s interests. But compared to the other personality right, research on right ofprivacy is much later. And with the further popularization and development ofcomputer and Internet technique, the right of privacy also appears in many new waysunder that special circumstance. On the one hand, the connotation and extension ofthe right of privacy under the circumstance has a new extension;On the other hand,protection on the right of privacy is facing with more new challenges.At present, the legal protection on the right of privacy mainly relys on PRC’sTort Law and a handful of judicial interpretations. Obviously,it’s not enough to dealwith the endlessly tort on the right of privacy which is stand by "human flesh search".At the same time, various self-regulation organizations also published some rules onthe protection of the right of privacy. But the effect is not very well for variousreasons.On the basis of the introduction on the basic theory of privacy right and thepresent situation, this text mainly do some analyse about the tort on the right ofprivacy at the example of "human flesh search" and especially the responsibility ofdifferent bodies. Then, the text put forward some ideas after take reference of thesystem in Europe,American and South Korea.Information resource must be more valuable and so is the tort on the right ofprivacy. So a more standard and authority system on the protection of the right ofprivacy is very welcome.But all these needs to be build from now on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Right of Privacy, Network Environment, Human FleshSearch, Liability for tort
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