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The Application Of Wireless Sensor Network Based On ZigBee In The Smart Home System

Posted on:2011-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330338977794Subject:Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
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With the development of computer technology,communication technology and automation technology, Smart Home system,as the concentration of these three technologies, becomes a hot topic, meanwhile, the Smart Home industry has also developed very well. In the recent years, people's request on living quality becomes higher. Thus about Smart Home system, only the automatic control can not meet their needs. People hope the system can also provide them a living environment with comfortability, security and convient control. Therefore, in order to improve the Smart Home system to meet more people's needs, it is very necessary to study on the development of the system, esp in below aspects: comfort level of Smart Home, data security transmission and convient control.Nowadays, to build the network of Smart Home, wireless technology is the main technology. Traditionally we use the cable, which is not only very complex to deal with, but also costs high. Now the wireless technology doesn't have the demerit. It would help keep the indoor beautiful and neat, meanwhile, the installation and debugging is also very convenient. In this thesis, I choose the ZigBee technology as the communication protocols of building the Smart Home's wireless network. It is not only because ZigBee technology fits to the two important factors (low cost, low power) of the network building of Smart Home, but also because of its high security system.The thesis, aiming at making the comfort level of Smart Home, controlled timely and conveniently, wireless data security transmission, studies on the ZigBee wireless technology's application in the Smart Home system. The main content and the innovation achievement are as below:1. To study on the comfort level of the Smart Home through the control of the environment data which are relevant to human bodies like temperature, humidity, line, air-cleanness, etc.2. Giving the analysis on the safe service of ZigBee network and the process of the AES Algorithm, combining with Smart Home character and security requirement, achieve Smart Home data security transmission by building Smart Home security network and encrypting.3. To operate on the terminal equipment of comfort level'control module, firstly, implement the hardware design and software platform building of the Smart Home's main controller, Then a Web server is built on the top of the Linux OS, and call the CGI background program through the CGI interface, making the Web server contacting with Control Program of comfort level.4. At last, there shows the monitoring interface of the remote monitoring, functions and detailed operation ways that relized in this thesis. The outcome of the test that the system can operate stably in the laboratory LAN indicates the test is with practicability and some indicative value.
Keywords/Search Tags:smart home system, zigbee, embedded linux, comfort level, security transmission
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