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Design And Implementation Of Smart Home System Based On Embedded Platform

Posted on:2015-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330431492366Subject:Circuits and Systems
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With the development of economic and technology, people expect to have a more comfortable, environmentally friendly, safe, convenient and smart living environment. Smart home can be centralized or remote monitoring for family affairs by integrating the computer technology, embedded technology, wireless sensor technology, integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, automatic control technology, security technology and audio or video technology. Smart Home combines appliance control, security control, lighting control, environmental monitoring, multimedia entertainment, network connection and other functions, which provides a full range of information exchange capabilities to optimize the way of people lives, increasing the security of home life and conductive to energy conservation and environmental protection. The development of smart home in Europe and the United States is earlier and technology is relatively mature. Smart home in domestic started relatively late but development is very fast, which has a great potential market, therefore, the study of the smart home system has all important significance.This topic was designed and implemented a smart home system based on embedded platform, the system with a high-performance embedded processor as the core, supplemented by peripheral modules, required by the system by running on the multitasking real-time operating system and all kinds of application software and the establishment of family internal Zigbee network, the implementation of family management and control of the internal network equipment. Through the network interface between it and the Internet, can realize remote monitoring of household equipment.The main research content is as follows:(1)studied the relevant technology of the embedded development, focuses on ARM9processor and peripheral equipment to build an embedded system. On the basis of the Linux operating system, embedded file system, Web server, and the transplantation of an embedded database.(2) To study the Zigbee wireless network, design Zigbee coordinator and Zigbee terminal node hardware and software part, using Zigbee network established household internal network system, realized the Zigbee network in the application of the smart home.(3) the Web server and the universal gateways CGI program design, on the basis of combining the relevant technology of the embedded system has completed the design of the embedded home gateway, implements the family gateway to information remote control of the family.
Keywords/Search Tags:smart home, home gateway, Linux, Zigbee, Web server
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