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Smart Home Control System Based On Embedded Technology

Posted on:2013-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395484756Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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In today’s era of the rapid technological development, people’s livingconditions will get better and better, and various functional appliances andequipments become more and more. At this time, people have newrequirements for household appliances. They hope household appliances cannot only provide a pleasant and comfortable family living space, and requirea wide range of interactive information exchange, and the necessary securityguarantees. Such as remote control home lighting, air conditioning andautomatically alarm of security equipment occurring the danger at home.On the basis of depth research on current situation, tendency, standardsand norms, market conditions and its existing problems of smart home at home and abroad, a new type of smart home control system based onembedded technology is proposed in this paper. Hardware architecture ofsmart home control system is given, including the selection of hardware,circuit design of function module, and solutions of smart home Intranet. Inthe overall design of the software, this article gives smart home coreequipment and basic structure of home gateway software platform is givenin this paper.Smart home control system includes three parts: external layer, middlelayer and internal layer. Main using devices of external layer are PC andtelephone, using Internet network and GSM network. Main devices ofmiddle layer are home gateway and CC2430wireless transceiver moduleand GSM communication module. Home gateway using the ARM S3C2410and extending in its surrounding SDRAM, NAND Flash, CC2430wirelesstransceiver modules, CS8900A(Ethernet control modules), RS232interface,TC35i(GSM communication module) and so on. Software platform of homegateway firstly modifies and transplants U-Boot and Linux2.6kernel andthen creates a root file system. On this basis, the Web server platform is built and CGI processing program which is used to creating dynamic Webpage is developed and designed; Main using devices of internal layer aresecurity equipment and intelligent household appliances with ZigBeemodule, using start network based on ZigBee.The system mainly realizes the functions as follows: through the PC andmobile phone, with the aid of the Internet and GSM network, external layerachieves data transmission between home gateway and external network.Main function of middle layer is: for one thing, it achieves protocolconversion between different networks, for another, With the help of homegateway’s Web server, external user could control and monitor runningstatus and security information of appliance by the browser, meanwhile,they can also implement appliances control and status query based oncommunication between phone network and home gateway. Security alarminformation is sent to external users in the form of short messages. In theinternal layer, data exchange is completed between home gateway andinternal layer by using ZigBee technology.Finally, through function testing and the overall performance analysis, results show that the system can realize completely the desired design goal.
Keywords/Search Tags:mart home, home gateway, embedded, Linux, S3C2410, ZigBee, CGI, Boa server
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