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The Research Of Smart Home Control System Based On ZigBee Technology

Posted on:2015-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330434460614Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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By integrating computer technology,embedded technology, sensor technology,net--work communication technology and automatic control technology,the smart home system concentrates remote monitoring,security control,lighting control,multimedia entertainment,networkconnection and other functions into an organic whole,it meet people of the information age pursuing high quality life.Comparing with the developed European and American country of the earlier development and more mature technology,China is developing and has a broad market foundation in the smart home field.meanwhile,the country are strongly advocating "green building","green building","energy saving building".Therefore, the study of smart home system has important significance.At first,the paper introduces the current status of development of the smart home system at home and abroad and obtains the development trend of future smart home.Through the analysis of the key technology and the basic requirements of smart home system,the paper puts forward an based on embedded technology solution that using a communication protocol of ZigBee as internal equipment,WIFI as an external network access interface technology.The main hardware module design of the paper consists of the central controller (information processing module), the internal communication module, the function driver module and the interface module to outside information world. The central controller adoptsTiny6410core board the friendly arm developing, adding power supply module and communication interface module,and the communication interface module design contains the design of the interface module to the outside information; The internal communication module adopts the ZigBee technology, mainly design coordinator and end node,at the same time, this system integrates the function of the driver module in the end node. In the aspect of software,the paper has set up a platform of embedded software system, including the U-Boot transplantation, the Linux kernel to transplant, the file system production the transplantation of Qt graphical interface,and the design of the software to ZigBee wireless network.On this basis,the paper realizes the design of the application to intelligent control temperature of the intelligent household.Finally,the paper have a summary for the design of smart home control system, and looks forward to the later need for improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Embedded, Linux, ZigBee, Smart Home
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