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Research Of Smart Home Monitoring System Based On Zigbee And3G Networks

Posted on:2015-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P HuaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330431992456Subject:Circuits and Systems
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In recent years, with the emergence and development of smart home, people’s traditional way of life, philosophy of life is to overturn, gradually began to enjoy life. Individual residential smart home platform, using powerful computer processing power, the home lighting situation, home environment control, and electronic and electrical equipment connected to the other within the family together through a home network, a comprehensive monitoring and management, and by then the realization of the external network into the appliances, remote monitoring of the home environment and resource information sharing. Provide people with a safe, comfortable, smart home living environment.This paper combines the embedded ARM technology to Zigbee protocol-based wireless sensor network technologies and third-generation mobile communication technology (3G), and embedded ARM microprocessor core controller to build a home gateway platform and the home gateway platform as a link, the home interior environment Zigbee wireless sensor data acquisition and control network and external3G connected to the public network via Zigbee network for centralized management of all household devices through the3G network to achieve a smart phone as a remote terminal, research-based wireless network communication platform to build smart home monitoring system, compared with the traditional wired communication with simple wiring, post-maintenance, easy to transform advantages.The main contents of this paper study design includes two aspects:one is responsible, including temperature, smoke, humidity, toxic gases, electrical switches acquisition and control ZigBee wireless sensor network real-time monitoring and recording environmental parameters of other family and for security consider the balcony door and where necessary to install video surveillance video data acquisition module. The other is responsible for data extraction and processing operations of home gateways, embedded ARM processor core, equipped with an embedded Linux operating system, the other necessary external expansion interface module Zigbee coordinator module and3G network communication module. In this framework, the client program through the corresponding mobile terminal, mobile terminal users to achieve remote online status of household real-time query and monitoring.This subject combined Zigbee technology and3G network communication technology, to achieve the status of a remote query and monitor home while adding video surveillance system, the video monitor screen by compressing coding processing after collection with each Zigbee wireless sensor network Home parameters be sent to the user via the3G network mobile terminals, to provide users with a more intuitive home screen monitoring, smart home will not only help to improve the user experience, the importance of the presence of home security alarm.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart home, Wireless Network, ZigBee, 3G, Video surveillance
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