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Design And Simulation Research Of A Furnace Temperature Controller Based On PID Algorithm Of Fuzzy Control

Posted on:2011-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C M ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360308477228Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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PID controller is the most commonly used process controller in industrial process control. The fuzzy control can help adjust the parameters of the PID control algorithm.In this dissertation,a furnace temperature controller based on the fuzzy PID algorithm is detailed introduced according to EDA technologies and control theories.Due to the parallelism of the PID algorithm,this design makes use of the advantages of EDA technologies.The hardware circuit that is carried out by hardware description language can solve the problems of high speed and concurrent calculation,thus makes the high-speed PID control come true.In this dissertation,the development of the PID controller is firstly introduced.Later on,fuzzy theory is introduced,then EDA technology and the design procesure of FPGA are demonstrated.The PID algorithm is divided into several modules by the top-down method.Each module is carried out and simulated by the hardware descirption language.The whole procesure of fuzzy control including fuzzy quantization,fuzzy deduce and fuzzy decoding is detailedly elaborated.The design of fuzzy control is mainly completed by the methods of offline calculation and online look-up table.Eventually,PWM output controlled by the fuzzy PID controller controls the break-over time of the thyrister.Designing on FPGA can improve the reliability of the control and avoid some problems,like programme fleet,dead loop and abnormal reset,which accur to other microprocessors.It not only enhances the versatility of the module and reduces the hardware development cycle,but also reduces the cost of the design.
Keywords/Search Tags:FPGA, Hardware description language, PID, Fuzzy control
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