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Melts And Guards Against The Our Country Commercial Bank Not The Good Property

Posted on:2006-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2179360155468872Subject:Business Administration
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This article is for the purpose of through analyzing the our country state-owned commercial bank not good property the present situation and the origin, long-term massively undertakes national and the place dual policy-type service in view of the state-owned commercial bank, the partial state-owned enterprises debt is heavy, as well as state-owned commercial bank because own management, property management not when and so on the factor accumulated the massive not good properties existence negative influence, had pointed out not the good property melts with the guard urgency. And melts not the good property take the overseas banking industry the advanced experience as the model, proposed melts and guards against the our country commercial bank not good property the corresponding countermeasure: Namely through separates the bank good and bad quality property, sets up the Financial asset Administration corporation to receive, the management, to handle the bank not good property; Enhances state-owned commercial bank oneself to melt not the good property the ability; Improves the state-owned enterprise management condition and revitalizes the loan storage quantity; Transformation, standard government function and government behavior; The deepening, speeds up the state-owned enterprise, the state-owned commercial bank reforms; Strengthening Central Bank's active oversight; The establishment, the perfect corresponding legal laws and regulations and so on a series of measures, we hope it vigorously falls in the limited time the state-owned commercial bank's bad loan rate to the appropriate level, after adapts our country to join the banking industry competition situation need which WTO intensifies unceasingly.
Keywords/Search Tags:State-owned commercial bank (SOB), not good property, State-owned enterprise (SOE), Financial asset Administration corporation (AMC)
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