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Study Supply Chain Collaborative Commerce Implementation For Chinese Automobile Manufacturers

Posted on:2006-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since China's accession to WTO, it has perceived to hasten the development process of Chinese Automotive Industry with economics going fast. In 2004, The Chinese Automotive Industry exhibit symptoms of overcapacity the Chinese automotive industry exhibited complete contrasting situation. Falling prices and slackening demand conditions are some of the crucial issues that are currently plaguing the Chinese automotive industry. So, for Chinese automotive enterprise , reducing cost is extremely urgent. At the same time , product life cycle short, domestic market internationalization and customer demand personality are all give new challenge to Chinese automotive enterprise's management.Because the complication of car research, production and logistics that automotive enterprises have seriously dependence on the supply chain. We can say that supply chain is also the value chain for automotive enterprise. On the 21's century, the competition between enterprise is the competition between the supply chain of enterprises. However, the general problem existing in Chinese automotive enterprise are communication, operation, higher supply chain cost.So, Chinese automotive enterprises require a new method to guide supply chain management and make enterprise core competitiveness. The new management thinking the supply chain collaborative commerce as representative satisfies this requirement. The supply chain collaborative commerce emphasizes establish strategy cooperation relationship with main supplier and realize information enjoy and collaborative operation by application of networked collaborative design, production, distribution, really reduce the cost of whole supply chain and make enterprise more flexible in the market.As a big scale collaborative industry, the automotive production needs collaboratively operation for factory, supplier, dealer, finance and after-services station. The automotive industry also have such characteristics as more components, more supplier , extensive purchase, production and sales. Therefore, automotive industry is proper to implement collaborative commerce. This article prove that optimize the whole supply chain can reduce integrated cost greatly and improve the core competitiveness and all the enterprises of supply chain become "multi-winner".This article is divided into four parts. Part one gives a brief introduction of Chinese automotive industry development and problems of supply chain management, then, it leads to the concept and necessity of supply chain collaborative commerce for Chinese automotive producer. Part two introduces the history and meaning of supply chain collaborative commerce, focus on the six key factors and their connection each other. Part three and part four are the main content of this article, which discuss how to carry out supply chain collaborative commerce for Chinese automobile manufacturers, the problems and challenge,they should pay attention to what kind of questions and they can get benefits through collaborative commerce.In a summary, this article mainly explores how to implement supply chain collaborative commerce for Chinese automobile companies and problems or challenges they face. It can help Chinese automobile enterprises to be aware of significance to improve the core competitiveness. Furthermore it can guide Chinese vehicle manufacturers when they carry out supply chain collaborative commerce.
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