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The Research On Collaborative Commerce Mode About The Service Supply Chain Of Industrial Cluster

Posted on:2013-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C B LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2249330395486359Subject:Business management
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Because of the advantages of geographic concentration and industry concentration, the enterprises of the area realize the interactive communication through competition and cooperation and the industry value chain. One of the main way of transforming and upgrading the manufacturing is changing the production manufacturing to service manufacturing, and promoting the manufacturing companies from the traditional low value-added production chain to the high value-added areas of service, such as R&D, sales and after-sale service, in this context,so the service supply chain emerges. The service supply shain is similar to the tradition supply chain, but it is a new business model, and it is an important way of developing for producer services in the context of globalization, economic integration and network development. In this context, by the guiding of the scientific development concept, the industrial cluster explores the service supply chain collaborative business model as the intensive development of the carrier. In order to improve the core of the service supply chain of industrial agglomerations competitiveness, highlighting the advantages of the industrial areas to promote regional economic development.This paper is divided into five parts. Frist, in the review of related research status and related concepts and theories, we build the collaborative commerce mode of service supply chain in industry cluster and the establishment of collaborative commerce platform. Then based on the "Prisoner’s Dilemma" and KMPW reputation model for collaborative business platform to establish information sharing repeated game, it come to the conclusion that the participation of two objects foresaw both need long-term cooperative game repeated often enough for a long time, even small uncertainty will generate cooperative behavior. Then we analyz the distribution of benefits fixed investment by the cooperative enterprise collaborative business platform cooperative game, the effort level, the actual sharing and risk factors, considering the relationship of these factors and the distribution of benefits more rational allocation of collaborative commerce platform feasible. Finally, on the basis of the analysis in the game, it comes to some suggestions about the service supply chain of industry cluster.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industry Cluster, Service Supply Chain, Collaborative Commerce, Game Theory
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