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The Cooperation And Management Of Supply Chain Alliance

Posted on:2006-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2179360182967939Subject:Information Science
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Because of the fast development of society, economics and technology, corporations need look at the outer resource, making full use of both advantages for mutual benefits; quickly responding to market; dispersing operation risks; strengthening competition...etc. So if the corporations want to switch competition to cooperation in competition, supply chain alliance absolutely comes into being. Whether supply chain alliance can succeed, the key is the efficiency of cooperation and management.This paper analyzes the cooperation and management of supply chain alliance. At first, it comes the meaning and research method of the paper, and it analyzes the background and cause of supply chain alliance in details. Then it defines the concept, characteristic, type and function of supply chain alliance. The forth and fifth parts are the key parts of the paper. At first, it discusses the cooperation of supply chain alliance in details, and analyzes the cooperation mechanism. It analyzes how to apply the strategy layout from the inside and outside circumstance of the corporation according to the cooperation process of supply chain alliance; how to choose partner according to the Compatibility, Capability, and Commitment; as well as how to negotiate and achieve an agreement.And then, it analyzes the management of supply chain alliance, corresponding to the cooperation of supply chain alliance in preamble. In the fifth part, it analyzes how to manage strategy goal; how to enhance communication in cooperation, to establish professional alliance management institution, to assess performance in order to maintain existed partnership, and to resolve conflicts and keep away alliance risks.Furthermore, it chooses the successful example of Wal-Mart and its suppliers' supply chain alliance for analyzing, pointing out how to apply the theory to practice.At last, synthesizing all the theories and examples, we have some useful conclusions in cooperation of supply chain alliance.There are seven chapters, including 49,221 words, 3 charts and 4 tables.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain alliance, Supplier—Manufacturer Partnership(SMP), Retailer- Supplier Partnership(RSP), Third Party Logistics(TPL), Distributors Integrated(DI)
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