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The Research Of The Supply Chain Partnership Managing From The Supply Chain Perspective

Posted on:2010-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360275997887Subject:Business management
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With the continuous development of the global economy and the market increasingly competitive, the traditional mode of competition is changing from the enterprises and enterprises to by suppliers, manufacturers, distributors retailers and other partners of the supply chain and supply chain competition .In supply chain management environment, cooperation between enterprises to build partnerships, share information among partners, face risk and share benefit together. Based on this, the relationship between supply chain partners under the managing of partner selection, formation and operation seems particularly important.Integrating each node of the enterprises' core competitiveness is the essence of supply chain management, building partnership through the core business and its upstream and downstream business. In the supply chain era, whether establishing long-term stable cooperative partnership between enterprises and enterprises was the key to one enterprise's durable competitive advantage. At present, China's supply chain partnership enterprises still lack long-term and stable cooperative relations and have been relatively high failure rate. Cooperative relations of the accident would lead to disruption of inter-enterprise supply chain logistics, information flow and capital flow imbalances, enterprises will suffer enormous losses.The full text mainly study the control problems of the supply chain partnership , studying this problem mainly from the following three aspects: the choice of supply chain partnership;forming the supply chain partnership;operating the supply chain partnershipOn the base of studying the supply chain partnership managing giving the supply chain partnership the implementation of safeguards. The Case part of Haier Group's supply chain partnership managing as an example to confirm the contents of the study in this paper.The full text of the chapter are as follows:The first chapter is an overview of related theories. First of all, the theory of supply chain management are summarized, and then outlines the relevant theory, commissioned—agent theory, game theory and transaction cost theory. The second chapter is the supply chain partnership outlined. Based on an analysis the characteristics and the meaning of the supply chain partnership, analysis the evolution of the relationship between enterprise, based on the current definition of partnership, and the author give a complete definition of the partnership.Chapter III is the study of supply chain partnership managing issues. Mainly from the choice of partners; the formation of partnerships; mutual trust mechanism partners operating for research.Chapter IV is the study of the implementation of safeguards in supply chain partnership control. Combined with the current domestic enterprise supply chain partnership problems ,the author study to make a few points in favor of inter-firm partnership to implement managing measures.Chapter V is the case. Haier Group in partnership managing as an example, case studies for confirming the previous study chapters of this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain Management, Partnership Management, Application of Safeguards, Supplier, Reseller
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