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The Three-dimensional Geological Modeling Of The Zoujiashan Uranium Deposit

Posted on:2016-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330479495226Subject:Geological Resources and Geological Engineering
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With the development of computer technology of three-dimensional visualization, three-dimensional geological modeling technology of the deposit matures, through the development of three-dimensional geological modeling of deposit, can provide reference and guidance for the further exploitation of mineral deposits.Zou Jiashan is one of the large deposits of uranium deposits in Xiangshan uranium ore field, from 1957 up to now has been exploited for many years,Previous work has been carried out a large number of deposits of uranium geology research, has achieved fruitful results, but the three-dimensional geological modeling research on the ore deposit is less. In this paper, based on collecting Zoujiashan uranium deposit geological data, using three-dimensional geological modeling software SKUA, the three-dimensional geological modeling of deposit were studied. The results obtained are as follows:(1) The relevant geological data collection of the Zoujiashan uranium deposit No. 4 ore belt, including exploration line profile and drilling data, the middle mining engineering plan of mining area, contour data, remote sensing data and regional geological map of the six aspects of the data, based on the collation and analysis of the collected data, the establishment of the Zoujiashan uranium deposit No. 4 ore belt of geological database, realizes the three-dimensional visualization of vector and a variety of data.(2) Using the method of profile modeling in SKUA software platform, established the three-dimensional geological model of Zoujiashan uranium deposit No. 4 ore belt, the process of modeling for the selection and treatment of geological data collection, the establishment of the geological interface(including surface, faults, strata bound surface and boundary interface), by the geological interface are combined to generate a three-dimensional geological model, and then converted by the surface model to solid model, and finally gave the corresponding properties of the solid model, to complete the construction of three-dimensional geological model of the deposit. Through the establishment of three-dimensional model of ore deposits, stereo, intuitive display of underground strata contact relations of strata and faults, the relationship between cutting and the spatial distribution of faults.(3)Through the middle of mining engineering plan based on SKUA modeling software platform of the well lane engineering Zoujiashan uranium deposit model, introduces respectively the level, vertical and inclined roadway roadway tunnel construction method, which provides a basis for mining.(4) The grade data of drilling, in the SKUA software platform in the "Reservoir Data Analysis" module, using Kriging method in statistical analysis, established the Zoujiashan uranium deposit No. 4 ore belt, ore grade model, grade model of section on display while the grade data were analyzed.Through the establishment of Zoujiashan uranium deposit three-dimensional geological model,the well lane engineering model and grade model, can provide three-dimensional geological data comprehensive geological engineer for resource evaluation, improved the traditional uranium geological work mode, improve the efficiency of data management; at the same time can provide the important engineering drawings and technical information for the geological workers, provide on the basis of the hole and the hole for uranium, has important guiding significance to the production of uranium deposit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zoujiashan uranium deposit, three-dimensional geological modeling, thethree-dimensional geological surface model, the three-dimensional geological solid model, the well lane engineering model, Ore deposit grade model
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