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The Research Of Land Saving And Intensive Utilization In Large Opencast Mine Area Within Loess Plateau Area

Posted on:2012-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189330332489251Subject:Resource management engineering
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China is coal-based energy consuming country, the large-scale exploitation of mineral resources, which causing the land waste and ecological damage is enormous, especially the opencast coal mine, causing the large number of land resources ,especially of cultivated land resources waste and destruction by the digging and possession of resource exploitation.The Loess Plateau is fragmented surface and fragmented landform, the ecology is so fragile, the development and utilization of mineral resources makes the fragile ecological environment to worsen, and making more severe contradiction between people and the land, so in the process of mine development, we need pay attention to the land saving and intensive utilization, and actively explore the land-saving mechanism and mode of"use less, make more, earlier reclamation, earlier use"in the Loess Plateau, that is the needs to alleviate regional resource environment of the population contradiction by coal resources exploitation, and also the needs for ensure the land use development needs and protect arable land resource of the conflict, and also is the inevitable choice of the shift pattern of mine area, building the saving-type society, development recycling economy and promote a low carbon economy development.This article through the generalizations to mine, mining area of land utilization, and land saving and intensive utilization of land the concept and connotation, proposed the concept of land saving and intensive utilization of mine area, that is: rational layout, optimize structure and cycle development as the premise, to comply with the mining production planning, land use planning and related regulations for guides, according to the spatial and temporal variation of land resources of mining area, through the stage of former planning, mining in the disturbance, and land restoration and reclaimed land use for the whole plan of the whole procedure, in the related technical collaboration and support, reduce the degree and range of land damaged, restore the value of the land use, improving land ecological environment, through the ecological restoration can be used to increase the quantity and quality of available land, and constantly improve the economic benefit, ecological benefit and social benefit, so as to achieve the dynamic use of mine land use. According to the study of dynamic process of mineral resources exploitation, put in the actuality and problem of mine land saving and intensive utilization separately from the planning and design stage, mining disturbance stage and mine reclamation stage, and put forward corresponding aimed at each stage, actively explore the land saving and intensive utilization of large opencast mine area during the relevant technology and theory.In this paper, empirical study based on the three large opencast mine of Pingsuo, according to the external and internal relationship of each stages to study the whole coordination mechanism of land saving and intensive utilization in the mine area, and in the light of the NAG dump, AJL dump and east opencast mine dump in reconstruction and comprehensive improvement dump, redesigned dump stacking and land use, focus on terrain gradient restricted to agricultural production, realizing the dump landscape, thus obtains more reshape available land, increase effective cultivated land area, make their land reclamation rate and land utilization are improved obviously, in order to achieve the land of mining area economical and intensive utilization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Loess Plateau, large opencast, saving and intensive utilization, the whole process, synergy
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