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Study On The Exploitation And Utilization Model Of Water And Soil Resources In Hilly And Gully Region Of Loess Plateau

Posted on:2011-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360305464489Subject:Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering
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In the hilly and gully region if loess plateau, to reach sustainable development of agriculture is a heavy challenge, because of serious soil and water erosion and frail environment. Searching for effective utilization of water and soil resources is the demands to achieve sustainable development and resource-saving society and environment-friendly society. Based on research works of preceding researchers, summarized the four main use model, that of conventional agriculture and forestry, specialty agriculture, scientific demonstrations, eco-tourism. Impact factors are determined by questionnaires from related experts and the frequency of these factors have been used. The evaluation models of agriculture in hilly and gully region of Loess Plateau were discussed individually. Main confinement factors and lead goals of agriculture in this region are mainly considered,when indicators are selected. So, indicator number is limited in order to be calculated and used more easily.In this paper, analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy evaluation method are used to evaluate the status and trends on the development of some typical regions. The results show that, conventional agriculture and forestry mode of Anjiagou river basin get a score of 6.0715, Xichuan agriculture scientific demonstration zones get a mark of 7.2267, Dingxi special agriculture of potatoes score 7.6364, Tianjiagou eco-tourism evaluation scores 6.7955, the results are consistent with regional development. Evaluation results of typical regions showed that these evaluation models of agriculture constituted in the thesis was suit for small river-basin and county scale in the hilly and gully region of Loess Plateau. It can forecast development trend and analysis confinement factors. This study is put forward to offer a help in comprehensive development and optimizing water and soil resources on the Loess Plateau. And, give some guidance in coordination and sustainable development of economic, social and ecological benefits.
Keywords/Search Tags:Loess Plateau, Soil and water resources, Utilization model, Evaluation index system
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