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Study On Development Of The Enterprise Annuity Plans About SMB In Hebei Province

Posted on:2012-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189330338995533Subject:Social Security
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As the aging of the population process accelerated ,China also continuously improves endowment insurance system.As the"second pillar", the enterprise annuity undertakes the important responsibility about the problem of endowment retirement.However,the the enterprise annuity is only for state-owned enterprises or large and medium-sized private enterprises.But distribution of a wide range of many small and medium-sized enterprises are very downturn in the enterprise annuity market.This problem is needed to further analyze by us.Then we must make the enterprise annuity as new force play an important role.This paper mainly expounds development course and the research status about our country enterprise pension system in the beginning.Then taking Hebei Province as an example,I analyzes many theoretical research of lots of experts and scholars and empirical analysis of questionnaire about small and medium-sized enterprises.And from the enterprise and employees,national governments and financial institutions,I look for the reason for what small and medium-sized enterprise annuity develop slowly among the annuity market in Hebei province. Besides the analysis of defects and deficiencies about small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei Province,this paper also looks for a suitable enterprise annuity for small and medium-sized enterprises namely collection enterprise annuity plan.Collection enterprise annuity plan has also carries out for several years in our countries. However, few small and medium-sized enterprises willing to participate in this plan. Therefore,through the analysis of collection enterprise annuity plan in Hebei Province ,this paper puts forward relevant measures to perfect collection enterprise annuity plan according to the restricting factors from national governments, the enterprise and employees,financial institutions. For example, in these basis of perfect laws and regulations of collection enterprise annuity and supporting the preferential tax policies,formulates linkage mechanism with annuity payment and operating performance.Then financial institutions also formulates scientific and reasonable risk sharing mechanism.These corntermeasures can promote the small and medium-sized enterprises of Hebei Province breakthrough own limitations match with publicizing plans and cultivating talents. In the final,it will form incentive effect for the national of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote a rapid development among the annuity market through this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Annuity, Collection Enterprise Annuity Plan, Annuity Investment, Fund Supervision
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