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Research On Regional Governments' Protective Competition And Cooperation Mechanism

Posted on:2007-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T X ShangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360185974338Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the central government and local government's dividing of power, although the local government has played very important role to economic development, the unceasingly strengthened local protective competition and regional barrier among the local governments have increased the transaction cost of trade and hindered the process of economic integration. Therefore, how to break local protectionism, eliminate the market division condition further, promote to form a united market, perfect the market economic system, impel the development of economy, becomes one of the focuses that the educational circles pay close attention to.For many economists, to break the regional barrier of local protectionism, they can only look forward the development and completion of market economy, because the strength of the market will sooner or later break through the border of the administrative division to promote economic rational division of work and cooperation and promote the reasonable disposition of resource. Once the enterprise leading regional economic cooperation organization is made to be the main role of regional economic cooperation, a country then steps into the developed modernized speedway.But the author thinks on condition that our country's market economy system and laws are still not perfect, only depends on the market force of folk economy to be very difficult to break through the system obstacles of regional barrier by the protective competition among the local governments. This is related to the lack of theoretically deep research to the competition and cooperation mechanism among local government economic-men.Strengthening the regional governments' cooperation is the trend of public administration reform, also is a focus of present administration research. This article, on the basis of summing up the related thought and theory on domestic and international government's competition and cooperation, from the angle of regional economic development, analyzes the intrinsic relation between "regional barrier-regional governments' cooperation" and "the local government competition-build the regional government's cooperative mechanism-promote the regional economy development". On the basis of using the research results and practical experience of domestic and international for reference, combine China's real situation, put forward the basic principle, mentality and countermeasure of constructing the scientific regional...
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional barrier, Local government protective competition, Mechanism of regional government cooperation, Cooperation of Sichuan and Chongqing governments
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