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Institutional Research Of The Cross-regional Industrial Clusters And The Local Governments Regional Cooperation Mechanisms

Posted on:2011-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360302499744Subject:Administrative Management
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With the continuous advance of market-based, the inter-regional services has aroused considerable concern in local government administration, especially in the following areas, such has watershed management, inter-regional tourism area development and local environmental protection. In order to solve those mentioned cross-regional issues, it is particularly important for the government to set up a section in charge of cooperation and coordination with neighboring areas. In the cluster development, there is a new trend that an inter-cluster inter-regional development is to form a new trend of regional industrial clusters, which can be considered as new problems in the process of regional economic integration.This paper aims to define the mechanisms of collaboration and inter-regional industrial clusters in the local government and even further to sort out the theoretical basis for the cooperation mechanism among local governments and inter-regional industrial clusters. With the awareness of the role and impact local governments have to play, this paper also helps explain the necessary requirements of setting up cooperation and cooperation mechanisms in local governments. With the introduction of resource dependence view, this paper explains the causes and motivation of local governments under the conditions of cross-regional clusters development. Using the Prisoner's Dilemma theory, the author analyzes the competition between local governments and the fight for local interests behind the change. The paper also tries to conclude the possibilities and obstacles about setting up mechanisms for cooperation between local governments. Knowing that the cooperation between the local governments has been difficult, this paper further discusses the main reasons for the obstacles of setting up mechanisms for cooperation. One of the main reasons is the plight of administrative rigidity constraints and inter-governmental cooperation with the local interests of the paradoxes of government and officials under the guidance of competition and cooperation. Based on the experience and lessons learned on cross-regional public affairs management in Western countries, with the understanding and analysis of the current status of China's local governments on the basis of co-operation mechanism, especially the case analysis about the city group Yongkang, Wuyi and Jingyun, this paper is meant to offer a theoretical framework and constructive tips on the cross-regional industrial clusters the establishment of cooperation mechanisms in the context of local institutional environment.1. The core of the local government cooperation mechanism is based on the formation of agreement or contract to build a voluntary, equal and effective interests coordination mechanism.2. Higher levels of government guidance and participation contribute to the establishment of cooperation with local governments, and promote the cooperation mechanism to operate effectively.3. Based on the complexity of market dynamics and cross-regional clusters, government cooperation mechanism should be flexible decision-making, multi-level communication and other characteristics, at the same time, to introduce a third-party organization to ensure the integrity and smooth information.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-regional Clusters, Government Cooperation Mechanism, Resource Dependence, the Game of Interests, Coordination of Interests
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