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Model Of Measuring Information Coupling In Integration Supply Chain

Posted on:2007-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360212466751Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Information Integration and information share can imply integrated supply chain management. Information coupling is pivotal to integrated supply chain management effect. And Information coupling is basic for companies'cooperation schedule, integrated workflow and exploit new business. The theory of integrated supply chain management has been maturating. More and more companies has been the integration phase.This paper first introduces the development of integrated supply chain and appraise on integrated supply chain. Methods of measuring supply chain are focus on performance, less scholars measuring on information. Foreign scholar Mehmet research a method on the information. This Method measuring company's information integration and information share on point of information flow. Then I discuss the theory of integrated supply chain. This chapter includes integrated supply chain management model, levels of supply chain integration, characters of each level, phases of integration supply chain implement and characters of each phase. Information integration is not enough to describe the relation of information in the integrated supply chain, so this paper imports information coupling conception to describe the relation of information in the integrated supply chain. This paper dissertates particularly on the information which need to couple and the relation of the information. Degree of information coupling is focus on the cooperation plan, so the model emphasizes plan integration. This paper sets up integrated supply chain information coupling measuring model. The model include three index which are information coupling extent(IE), information coupling intensity(II) and information transmission intensity(IT). IE describes how deep into the network that information is used, whereas II describes the richness, and amount of the information used, whereas IT describes how efficient information transmit. This model provides a score to help assess where improvement in supply chain integration might best be made. It may also facilitate comparisons with comparable firms to gauge where the firm stands in its industry.The last chapter is example analysis. The example is a electric power company. I use the model on this firm and receive results. And the results accord with the fact.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply chain, Integrated supply chain, Information integration, Information coupling
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