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Research On Business Archives Exploring And Using Based On Knowledge Management

Posted on:2008-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C M YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360215953461Subject:Archival science
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Under the impacting of competition environment and the coming of knowledge economy and, knowledge will be the most important resource. At the same time, we paid attention to knowledge management, that is a thought, measure and mechanism of management in knowledge economy society .The main function of knowledge management is optimizing business activities of the enterprise, improving its creative abilities and achieving its economic purpose; But the target of exploiting and utilizing the corporation archives is accumulating and providing various knowledge and data for the corporation business activity, propping up the creative activities and market expanding abilities of the corporation. As a result, exploitation and utilization of the corporation archives has the function of the knowledge management. We should introduce the principle and technique of knowledge management to creating more benefits.The exploitation, conformity and utilization of archive information is the demands of the modernization for the archive management. Therefore we must lead the knowledge management into the exploitation and utilization of the corporation archives, realize the intelligentizing of the exploitation of the corporation archives, build the corporation archives department as a base for accepting and depositing archive information, a center for exploiting and utilizing information resources.According to this, I put forward a workflow which based on knowledge management, namely knowledge accumulation, knowledge service and knowledge share.According to the analyzing, we can summarize the knowledge management as the following processes: obtaining knowledge from inside or exterior of the organization; Engendering the new information; Obtaining the inner knowledge by depositing and diffusing knowledge. Then release the knowledge in the form of conspicuous knowledge and unconspicuous knowledge. We can see, the obtain and accumulation of knowledge is the first step of knowledge management and also an important part. The corporation archives, as one part of the corporation knowledge, should integrate the knowledge management process and be one part of the knowledge accumulation. We should do more for the accumulation of the corporation archives, such as gathering information abroad and machining deeply. The source scope decides the quality and level of the establishment of knowledge base, which will also influence the realization of knowledge service and knowledge management .The market economy requests corporation archive work improved regularly, that is changing the normal working style to a new one , which provide efficient knowledge service .Based on this theory, corporation archive service will take a flexible service mode, which provide interrelated solution for the user."Sharing and constructing commonly"of the file information can greatly complete the corporation information management in the view of science and effect, which can also quicken the renewal speed of the corporation knowledge data and actualize the goal of sharing knowledge among corporation, customer, society. Guarantee the corporation archive information shared among an important scope is the purpose of the corporation archive management and knowledge management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporation Archives, Exploration and Utilization, Knowledge Management
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