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A Study On Medium-Sized And Small Enterprises Cluster's Social Network Embeddedness

Posted on:2007-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G B XiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360242488867Subject:Business management
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In the global scope, medium-sized and small enterprises cluster appears the energy that has never been seen. No matter in the developed country or in developing country, medium-sized and small enterprises cluster phenomenon is extremely common. The traditional type of enterprise cluster is most typical in Zhejiang province of our country. As one kind of the economic organization that can effectively promote the region competitive ability, the medium-sized and small enterprises cluster has caught the high attention of the social. In order to explore the source of the energy, researchers investigate enterprises cluster's running mechanism and rule from each aspect. Enterprises inside of the cluster can obtain the benefit from the scale-economy, the scope-economy, and also can have the spilling effect through the cooperation and the exchange, then promoting the region's or even the entire state's economy development. Therefore, the researching of the enterprises network of medium-sized and small enterprises cluster as well as the close relationship between cluster and the local society has vital significance to enhance the colony competitive ability and promote cluster's development.This thesis mainly discusses the society network's embeddedness of medium-sized and small enterprises cluster , using the social network theory to analysis the network relations between medium-sized and small enterprises cluster and local society as well as the relation of enterprises that inside the cluster .This thesis first introduces the social network and embeddedness's definition as well as the theory development . Then, we analyze medium-sized and small enterprises cluster's main structure, basing on this, we bring forward that the society network embeddedness's influence mainly include: The industry embeddedness, The social capital embeddedness and the culture embeddedness three aspects. Then, basing on the Zhejiang province's tradition medium-sized and small enterprises cluster present situation and existence problem analysis we proposes the practical significance of embeddedness cultivation and carry on the deep analyses of the three aspects of embeddedness. And next, basing on the analysis of Datang socks industry cluster's society network, we show the dynamic developing process of society network's embeddedness. By using the questionnaire investigation and SPSS Logistic model we analyze the social network's influence on enterprises' operation performance . At the end, we put forward the correlation proposal of how to cultivate the medium-sized and small enterprises cluster's embeddedness basing on the theoretical analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:medium-sized and small enterprises cluster, society network, industry embeddedness, social capital embeddedness, culture embeddedness
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