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Research On The Relationship Of Science Technology Enterprises Network Embeddedness,Business Model And Performance

Posted on:2014-11-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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At present, the open area of China is deeply expanded, many foreign high-tech enterprises will penetrate various industries gradually,face to dynamic international and domestic market,the small-medium sized science and technology enterprises(Henceforth, SMSTE), which will undertake the more and harder surviving pressure, as the key and central motivation for the strategy of building an innovation country in the world,the SMSTE’starts up surviving and developing condition should be paid more attention and deeply research. In USA, it is not a legend any more that lots of micro-small sized science and technology enterprises will grow up as a big famous multinational enterprises in a few years, at same time, although the company own very advanced technology and patents,they have no idea and be confused that how to commercialize them,and finally quit market(eg.Iridium Company). The research questions in this dissertation concerning are how do Chinese SMSTE to acquire key resource? How to exploit the technical entrepreneurship opportunity successfully? How to arrange the enterprises’business model structure? How to utilize business model to gain sustainable competitive advantage? And for policymaker, how to undertake scientific and reasonable supporting policy for the SMSTE in the uncertainty environment?In perspective of network embeddedness,this dissertation try to explore how Chinese SMSTE to identify the technical entrepreneurship opportunity through the embedding and how to choose and make a deployment of the business model purpose to enhance the technical entrepreneurship performance. Based on the online questionnaire investigation and traditional email investigation, this dissertation use the collected412valid samples to testify the theory model proposed in this dissertation,and also take advantage of the business model identifying framework to make a case study for the three typical small and medium sized science technology enterprises, and this dissertation make many findings as follows:Firstly,the effect of network embeddedness impacting on the technical entrepreneurship performance is moderating and mediating by the location advantage and opportunity types indentity respectively. Without the effect of location and opportunity identity, the network embeddedness of SMSTE takes the direct positive impact on the technical entrepreneurship performance,and the sub-dimension of network embeddedness such as the size of embeddedness and heterogeneous network positively impact the performance; then take the location and opportunity elements for consideration, the SMSTE should make sufficient recognition that the size is bigger and more intensity of network embeddedness will make a negative impact on the companies’innovation capability and entrepreneurship during the embedding strategy selection. The SMSTE duplicate simply other companies’products’technology which embedding in the industry network will not help improve the performance. Meanwhile, the SMSTE’s network embeddedness effect on the technical entrepreneurship performance is mediating by the opportunity identification, this suggests that the SMSTE must explore different types opportunity that suitable for the companies and then enhance the competitiveness.Secondly,the SMSTE’s network embeddedness will impact the sub-dimensions of the business model,network embeddedness and the business model will make an interactive influence on the technical entrepreneurship performance, the business model takes a moderating effect between the network embeddedness and the technical entrepreneurship performance. Owing to the scarcity of financial resource and specularity of network embeddedness, the Chinese SMSTE will adopt different types business model to improve growing. This dissertation depicts that network embeddedness and business model take an interaction effect on technical entrepreneurship performance,take the sub-dimension customer segmentation of business model as instance that the company need to utilize the size of network to segment market and seek for customer, and the sub-dimension network resource also interact significantly with the size,the strength and the heterogeneous characteristic of network embeddedness, during the process of business model constructing, especially for the enterprises in the electronic and information industry, must care for keeping dynamic fit with other company and organization, it will assist this type enterprise to gain competitive advantage.Thirdly,this dissertation proposes five phrases analytical framework to indentify chinese SMSTE’s business model:the environment is defined adequately,make value pursuit hypothesis,value creation and acquiring method,business model selection and assessment.In order to take a quick identification for chinese SMSTE’s business model, this dissertation collects and reviews a large number literature,and business model scale design,empirical analysis,such as "Olive Wirless","Jiayuan Quantum" and "Xingnong High-tech" typical companies’case study, this make a further testifying and improve the former five phrases analytical framework.Finally, this dissertation also articulate some policy advice for Chinese government to support SMSTE’s growth.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium Sized Science and TechnologyEnterprise, Network Embeddedness, Business Model, TechnicalEntrepreneurship Performance
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